2019 Belgian Grand Prix Review

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So the 2019 Belgian grand prix certainly gave us an entertaining race, It had great action, a strategical battle up front and in the end a winner that really left everyone feeling a little bit better after the tragic death of Anthoine Hubert. In this video I will give my thoughts on the race and have one last word on a weekend that for all its delights will be remembered for the death of yet another young driver.

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Conclusions from the Belgian Grand Prix

The brightest light in F1 wins on a dark weekend for racing, Ferrari go old school, Red Bull’s newcomer makes a statement, Haas perfect the art of going backwards, and McLaren have a great race – but for only 43 laps of a 44-lap race.

A worthy victor on a dark weekend for racing

Charles Leclerc now sports some facial hair. A bit of growth on his chin and a moustache befitting of such heroes as Graham Hill from one of F1’s golden ages. There has always been a classical elegance to Leclerc. He is a racer who believes in racing the proper way.

Much like the moustached stars of old, tragedy has often cast a shadow of the young Monagasque. The death of Leclerc’s godfather, friend and mentor Jules Bianchi in 2015 left an indelible mark on him while also accelerating his ascent to become a Ferrari works driver.

Leclerc finally won an F1 grand prix on Sunday, manfully fending off a late attack from Lewis Hamilton. Although Leclerc achieved a semblance of redemption after having race wins snatched from him in Bahrain and Austria, this weekend was not really about him; but rather about Anthoine Hubert who was killed in Saturday’s F2 race at Spa.

A class act both on and off the track, Leclerc paid tribute to Hubert by pointing to the sky after the race. “We have lost a friend first of all, and it’s very difficult in these situations so I would like to dedicate this win to him,” Leclerc said. “I can’t fully enjoy my first victory but it is a memory that will live with me forever.”

Ferrari win but weaknesses remain

“Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines,” Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari once said. If Leclerc is a classical driver of the old school, there is a sense that the Prancing Horse’s current strengths of power and straightline speed are also a throwback to a different age. Even with DRS and a slipstream, Hamilton in the Mercedes was still just 5kph faster than the Ferraris.

While Spa’s long straights played to the strengths of the men from Maranello, familiar issues emerged through the race weekend. Mercedes were much closer to Ferrari in race trim, the Silver Arrows were softer on their tyres, they were around 0.5 seconds faster than the red cars in the twisty and technical second sector, and the German outfit also got the better of their rivals on the strategy front by pushing Sebastian Vettel into an early pit stop.

The net result was that Vettel had to make a second stop for rubber, costing Ferrari a potential 1-2 finish that had indeed looked like an odds-on certainty through much of the weekend.

Leclerc is most definitely the real deal but right now it is obvious that Ferrari are not.

Albon makes a statement but watch out for the Torpedo

Alex Albon first race for Red Bull after his promotion was compromised by a grid penalty (not of his making) that left him starting 17th. Starting on an offset strategy on mediums with much of the field on soft rubber, the race came to Albon in the later stage when that was inverted. On softs he scythed through the field, making the overtake of the race by undercutting Daniel Ricciardo at Rivage before overtaking the Renault on the outside of the next corner.

It is true that Lando Norris’s late drama as well as Max Verstappen’s first-lap retirement helped elevate Albon up the order, but he capitalised to maximise his result and finish an impressive P5. It was exactly the sort of aggressive yet decisive approach to racing that his predecessor Pierre Gasly struggled to execute at Red Bull in the first part of the season.

Daniil Kvyat in the Toro Rosso, meanwhile, also enjoyed a brilliant day, and managed to make his way up to an impressive P7 after starting 19th.

source: https://otrasnoviaxeiro.com/

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50 thoughts on “2019 Belgian Grand Prix Review

  1. This chap constantly says "guys" but it's not only "guys" who are interested in and follow F1. I wonder how his female viewers must feel about being called "guys". It's a bad habit, and he should do something about it.

  2. 100% Max ruined Kimi's race. What could have been a P5 for Kimi was gone in seconds because of Max's stupid mistakes.

  3. Charles Leclerc needs to move to a team with a shorter anthem, we're gonna hear those 2 long anthems SO much in the future…

  4. Aldas. I absolutely loved this race and I am looking forward to this weekends race. I was disappointed though, that Hamilton was not even in the running for driver of the day. But then I thought about it. It’s such a standard procedure with him and his results that it made no sense voting for him. The man is just good. Those who can’t admit that he is good are really biased.

    But I guess I can understand people want change in the sport. But on the other the other teams and driver just have to do their part to beat him.

    In the future you should do a video about him ☺️

    Love the content as usual.

  5. Excellent race anyone know how many fault accidents verstapphen has caused in his short time in f1?? 11!!! He ain't ever gonna make champagne. LECLER RUSSELL NORRIS WILL DO HIM

  6. Can someone explain to me how driver of the day works? i know it's voted on but most times, the actual driver of the day doesn't even get 5 percent. This is a gimmick that needs to go in my opinion.

  7. When Hamilton retires, I'm rooting for Charles Leclerc. Hamilton and Leclerc are two of the most classiest drivers on the track. They drive with such effortlessness and elegance. They don't succumb to dirty tactics and have very similar racing styles as they tend to get the most out of their cars against all odds. Also, can someone recommend to strip fucking Max Vercrashen of his F1 licence; he's eventually going to kill someone or himself with his reckless driving. He can take his classless Dutch football fans with him too.

  8. You should do the f1 official race recap. I don’t have tv and so I can only watch the highlight clips f1 posts to their YouTube channel and every weekend I feel like I only understand the race when I get to watch your race review. Great work keep!

  9. I'm sorry gasly fans but albon has just showed that gasly has been overrated. Gasly had winter testing, mid season tests and 12 races to learn the car. Albon has had 3 practice sessions and he has almost matched gasly's best ever finish

  10. It’s got to hurt Vettel as a former multiple world champion, being used as a backstop to protect the rookie, who’s only in his 2nd season and 13th race for Ferrari, so he can win a race…

  11. When Ferrari came on team radio and actually let leclerc thru I knew it was going to be a Ferrari win. I honestly don't think leclerc was gonna suffice for anything less than the win. It really is like he get some power from above when something like this happens. Like you said inspirational.

  12. lewis once again proves why he is a champ even though charles won. lewis had him. another half lap he would have been done for

  13. Increasing safety features might not have save a driver from that type of accident. This is a dangerous sport. Hats off to all driver who took this task as their passion.

  14. I'm so stoked for Leclerc and happy for him. Gasly is FINALLY where he needs to be. Kvyat killed as did Albon's placement in RB is excellent. He is more and more likeable and such a good driver.

  15. After Monza, Ferrari will need lady luck on their side a lot to win again let alone get podiums considering their low to mid speed cornering is just absolutely pathetic and the final few tracks will have those especially Singapore, Japan and Brazil who will for sure make Ferrari their bitch.

  16. Glad to hear that the race was also great to watch at home, i was there and it was amazing the watch at the track, i can’t wait to go again.
    Unfortuantly i were also on track when anthonie crashed out but anyways a great race :/

  17. sorry but Verstappen's move was the Verstappen of old………gets over taken off the hope by 2, then tries to get the two spots back in one dive bomb move in the first corner. Ended his race and destroyed Kimi's. Had Max done this same move after a few laps when the field spread out, I'd lean a little more to Kimi leaving him room but not on the first corner first lap

  18. If Norris finished 5th, McLaren would have 92 points this season which is the same amount of points that they got the past 2 seasons combined.

  19. Forgetting about the mistake Antonio Giovinazzi made on lap 43 he had an incredible race and what I believe is move of the race. I haven't watched the entire video as I write this and I don't know whether he talks about Giovinazzi, but every driver makes mistakes, and I think people are being unfair on Giovinazzi. Does anyone agree with me?

  20. Mercedes all year always seems far stronger on the mediums, to the point where some races, they're faster on them than the softs. I'm surprised they were that strong, doesn't bode well for racing for the rest of the year once we get past Monza. It was great damage limitation and so close to a win.

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