2019 TCL 6 Series Review: HDR Tested vs. OLED, Hisense H9F, Q90R QLED

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For the 2019 TCL 6 Series Review (R625) of HDR Performance, we use the 4K remastering of Maleficent to test HDR in some challenging scenes. This new TCL is giving the big boys a run for their money, check it out!

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25 thoughts on “2019 TCL 6 Series Review: HDR Tested vs. OLED, Hisense H9F, Q90R QLED

  1. I go back and for between HDR Dark and HDR Bright for movies. FOMO can you give me a definitive answer on which one is best for accuracy. Thanks

  2. From the darkest $3.000 to the almost darkest $800. is not to bad for a Walmart kind of TV .TCL has up-ed it game with the 6 series …I have a 65m series vizio tcl is better . I HAD samsung 7100 60 inch ,and the tcl looks better ……OLED,S are good for benchmarks bud not practical to buy because of the high price mark that (most American can't afford) ..PS your videos are very informative for consumers

  3. Fomo… have ad the tv for 3 days now (h9f 65") look the tv and PQ is amazing. All content going thru new fire tv 4k stick that has all the fixings. This tv is not good with the hand shakes with different content. Amazon 4k hdr to netflix DV, switching between them then to hulu, it hangs if you go into picture settings and just goes black and have to restart. Here is my ? I was watching jack ryan 4k hdr and saw some explosions on this tv and I was jaw dropped.. I mean wow. I am just at the point I just want it all to work … 1.2k more I can have a lg c9. I am utterly happy with the screen and pq, just not the quirky menu and slow response is that with all tvs 4k uhd?

  4. @Fomo on Tech I just installed my TCL Qled 55 im running my Apple TV 4k with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos settings. Im getting red Flashes like Glitches while watching tv is this a defective tv or what could be causing this.

  5. you use 6 series vs sony, samsung flagship product, and it did very good, so how about the TCL 8 series? it should be flagship vs flagship, right?

  6. The TCL R625 is now available at Best Buy, same price as Amazon.
    I wonder if it's the exact same TV, with the same RF remote?

    BEST BUY TCL 625: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tcl-55-class-led-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr-roku-tv/6367716.p?skuId=6367716

    AMAZON TCL R625: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V5WY147/ref=twister_B07Y2L8VD1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

    Thanks FOMO for your informative videos

  7. I'm looking at purchasing either the Hisense H9F or the new TCL r625 from Best Buy. I watch a lot of sports, movies, Spectrum cable, and will be adding some streaming services. Which one of those two TV's is the better buy and should I purchase an extended warranty with either of them? Also is there a noticeable advantage going from 55" to 65" aside from the actual screen size itself?

  8. I just don't like HDR Dark on my 6 series (3 of them), and I even care about reasonable accuracy too. You can use HDR Bright and as long as you change it's default color temp to Warm, it's definitely not too cool and pretty accurate while allowing for a bit more pop for comparison purposes. I still say you have to balance what looks good vs. perfect accuracy and you can usually get great HDR PQ when you are willing to compromise on both just a little. Also, you can change the gamma down in the Roku app as well, so there are ways to experiment to get a decently accurate picture while allowing for a bit more shadow detail and pop as well.

  9. Im more confused now on what to get.. I want to pull the trigger on the 75 TCL 6 series.. but every Salesman at Best Buy keep steering me away from the TCL.. They all agree and say for a 75 inch 4k TV with a Budget of $1500 GO FOR THE SONY 800G…?? the Sony is only $200 more than the TCL 75 series… Decisions Decisions…!!!

  10. Am I the only one who thinks FOMO should have a bad TV in the comparison? It's a little hard to discern the nuanced differences between all these good TVs. But a shit TV will show what the bottom baseline is and that speaks more than having the a9g/the best up there.

    I'm talking 8bit panel, HDR, no local dimming, no wide color gamut, crushed blacks, blown whites, inaccurate color levels of shit.

  11. Overall, ignoring the OLED dynamic range that is superior, I nearly prefer the look the of the TCL. Coming from a film photography background I appreciate how it handles HDR in a more muted manner as opposed to trying to maximize contrast. Modern images and popular color-grading cinema these days are far too contrast-oriented to my eye. It's eye-catching certainly but a softer approach is both more realistic and less fatiguing to the eyes. I'd much rather see a very slight lift in blacks that helps preserve shadow detail. The same goes for highlights. But it's viewer's preference certainly – I've been to plenty of homes (my father included) where the opposite is preferred over my particular tastes… but I don't stay to watch movies there. 😀

  12. Nice you’re making me want to buy it now??I want to see those black levels on my Sony A9G?I luv when we dig and discover the beauty in the background of the story and emotions involved with the art of showcase and storytelling? Great video?

  13. Watched this movie on my Lg EC9300 in 3d, it's a damn shame they canceled Oled 3d. Some of these amazing movies are even greater in 3d.

  14. I have a feeling h9f doesn't care about creator's intent instead trying to get the best theoretical image which in my opinion is not a bad thing.

  15. Nice, now I can't wait to get Maleficent 4K – been on my buy list. My Q9FN should give its HDR some good punch…
    Judging from the good HDR you're seeing on the TCl 6, I can't wait to see how the TCL 8 does…

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