2019 TCL 6 Series TV Review: Input Lag Test

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Quick input lag test for the curious
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17 thoughts on “2019 TCL 6 Series TV Review: Input Lag Test

  1. Howdy FOMO. This video shows a measurement of 11.8m for input lag, just to compare. He does a pretty good job of reviewing overall and is honest about criticisms. Just some info for you. Keep up the good work.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVp__JPV7H0

  2. I see this is showing up at the Best Buys around here. Maybe I can get a look at it now.. Like the reviews but not spending $800 on something I haven't seen in person.

  3. Hello fomo. Any thing else going on with this TV, or this is just you point it out, because if it the tv, I will buy one and throw it off the empire state building, I want to know if it's the new bang for your buck, for 2019, 2020, let me know, looking for the next video!

  4. Fomo, I tried to tell you about that two faced, lieing douche bag troll!! It's nice he showed his true colors early!! Lat this be an important lesson to you!! Why do you think he is the most hated jackass on YouTube?? Quantum troll is going to wear his spider man mask, jump around like a cracked head monkey, bitch and cry about you in another video!!????

  5. Outstanding series on the tcl. Glad I went h9f.. I do a mix of sports movies, etc. I feel like Samsung's move to QD oled is bc, all these "budget brands" need is a bit better processing on board. I am super happy with the h9f.. it has its issues however. And have not decided yet if I will keep. But your videos do help put it in perspective. I mean to upgrade from here you need to throw 1500k more at the tv… just not sure it's worth it.

  6. Could you test the TCL6 and other TVs using a similar test from one of your previous videos? > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wodfgpt7csA

  7. It’s really sad that the new 6 series lag is this bad. Thank you for testing cause I was waiting for this. Sad cause The 5-series 525 lag is 4k @ 60 Hz 10.6 ms according to rtings. So the new 6 series has better picture and contrast less clouding and quantum etc so they raise the price yet they don’t put attention to gaming as they did in the 5-series to what save money?. I have a Q90r 75” and I love it, not best for gaming cause it’s size but still great. I was excited to get a tcl cause of the hype but seeing stats as this is a big turn off, you would think you pay more you get more, with tcl it looks like you pay more and get more but lose other. The 6 series for all around its a decent tv compared to others just for price point. As far as gaming the 5 series is the best tv they have right now that’s out with best lag times. I really hope your tv was defected, I contact tcl and ask them for the lag times and Info on there tv they don’t give a direct answer. They know they just don’t say which is sad. And wth is up with you and Q. Lol now he’s saying you giving wrong info, In this case I really hope your giving the wrong info on this 6 series for lag lol. TCL is getting a lot of hate and a lot of love so TCL needs to deliver. FOMO retest the lag with another source or something, cause if this tv is Xbox game tv to go to as there advertising then people are gonna be really mad. I game in gears of war a lot and it’s all about lag and reaction time, this tv would me me throw the controller at it lol.

  8. Thanks for the review. Just want you to know I'm a subscriber who's appreciative of the tests and comparisons. I was also interested hearing your thoughts about the Vizio Co. a few weeks ago. I'm also thankful you don't need to wear a mask to talk to us.

  9. Thanks FOMO!
    As far as the auto-game mode is concerned, that's up to the console. With my XBox One X plugged into this set there is a option/checkbox in the "Fidelity & Overscan" menu in settings that is checked by default after the initial HDMI handshake between the devices once the XBox determines the R625 (or other set that supports it) wants to know when game contents is being passed. It's interesting because now video from my XBox remains at whatever I choose within the TCL settings when I'm just browsing around the menus or when I fire up a Bluray for instance. But the moment I open a game a message comes across the TCL (in the same upper-right corner space that normally flashes the HDR or Dolby Vision content notification) that says "Game Mode was turned on by your console" or something similar. It also tells me the reverse when I leave the game. It's pretty nifty.

    I was able to disable game-mode while in-game simply by removing that checkbox in the XBox menu so that it's goes back to having to manually enabled like it used to be. I tried this whilst trying to sort out the motion issues I was having in a few games and I immediately felt a significant increase in input-lag when I did that, especially when I began turning on action-smoothing etc on the TCL. The increase would be very noticeable to anyone. But the auto-game mode feature works great in my setup and the input lag is very low when it's enabled like you described. (Now if I could only sort the motion problem).

  10. Good video bro keep up the good work. But imma wait until next year for a tv TCL aint doing it for me. I personally want VRR,Earc and 4k 120hz. So imma going to wait until LG C9 comes down on price for the 65 inch variants… Havn't bought a tv in years so when I do it has to be future proof. UHD Blu rays are getting cheaper, next gen consoles are coming out plus HDMI 2.1 products like recievers etc…. I wouldve considered the Samsung Q90R but the lack of Dolbyvision, EARC, blooming and Haloing by it still being a LED LCD for the price aint worth it.

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