9.Create 6 step ROUNDED RECTANGULAR infograhic/PowerPoint Presentation/Graphic Design/Free Template

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This Video will show how to Create 6 step ROUNDED RECTANGULAR infographic in Microsoft Powerpoint.

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37 thoughts on “9.Create 6 step ROUNDED RECTANGULAR infograhic/PowerPoint Presentation/Graphic Design/Free Template

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  2. sir/ma'am may I know u used two icons situated at the topmost of the screen means from quick access toolbar just after creating the circle what r those icons & for what purpose u used them? pls anwser

  3. which office shall I use? mine is MS office 2010. the tools you are using do not appear on my computer. Please provide some detail.Thank you!

  4. Need some assistance, please. After the fragment what is the next step to deleting the Inner color? I couldn't follow that step.

  5. Hi, I'm trying for Learn More from your tutorial. I am a little lost from minute 1.15 to 1.16 to get rid of the center circle.

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