20 thoughts on “A Visit to Ha Ji Won's house [Eng] 1/2

  1. Very simple woman, an attractive one, humble, a loving person, talented woman,intelligent and very down to earth. So that's why I like you. Your the best in the whole world. Love yeah😘

  2. ha ji won is the most amazing woman in acting. she has a lots of drama and movie not like the ohters only have 3 or 4 dramas.. but hear mothan 10 of her dramas i finished watching..

  3. She's so nice and down to earth,her humbleness and simplicity makes her fans love her even more.A Beautiful person inside out! and that's her secret why she hasn't aged at all.

  4. It shows how humble, nice of a person Ha Ji-Won is. Our celebrities won't let them play and take a look at their rooms but Ha Ji-Won let them in and let them explore without hesitations 😉

  5. Hi, Ha Ji Won , visit some time to India . There are many places here, to spend your vacation. Expecting more good movies from you.

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