Apple Called Out for Sending Data to Tencent

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Oct.15 — Apple Inc. came under fire on Monday for sending web browsing data, including IP addresses, to China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd., the latest criticism of how the company operates in the world’s most populous nation. Bloomberg’s Selina Wang has the details.


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9 thoughts on “Apple Called Out for Sending Data to Tencent

  1. As far as Mainland China goes, I'll just take it as a fact that the people want whatever the Chinese government does for them, since they've shown in their annual celebration, how happy people are. So, indeed, they're appeasing the people and not just the government, even if it makes their data (which is stored locally) more prone to attacks from hackers. When it comes to people outside of Mainland China, I don't think that they should even be collecting any of that data. I'd also advice people and even Apple employees to use a good quality VPN that doesn't log their data for web browsing. VPN apps should also be available to Mainland Chinese users, until the government makes sure that it's unavailable on all platforms, because it puts Apple at a disadvantage to not have it on their phones, when people are using it anyways on android (probably including even Huawei), PC and mac. Furthermore, I'd like Apple to break almost all ties with google.

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