49 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5s Review!

  1. 7:50 I mean, well, you could turn on "Reduce Motion" in settings, plus, that saves battery life. It's still a setting with the newest iPhones.

  2. This was my first iPhone. I still have it and it still works. But, I currently have upgraded from my iPhone 7 to iPhone 11.

  3. So here's how the YouTube Algorithm works:
    2013: Nah
    2014: Ummm. No
    2015: Just a little longer
    2016: Noooo way!!!
    2017: Um. Sorry, wait a bit more
    2018: NOOOO NOT NOW
    2019 December : Yeah let's recommend it now since no one can afford an iPhone 11.

  4. iPhone 5 was my favorite it’s so discret you pull it out anywhere cheat a lot it wit in high school never got caught

  5. This iPhone got iOS 12 update. The iOS which shipped with iPhone XS.
    That’s same as galaxy note 3 getting android 9 pie same as the note 9.
    Apple does an incredible job with software hands down.

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