Armor All Air Fresheners – Rowing Class (15 sec)

Du Lịch✅

(15 sec) How do you destroy tough odors that have taken over your vehicle like food, pet and
smoke? By harnessing the power of the Viking. Inside each of Armor All’s FRESH fx™ air fresheners,
there’s an army of Vikings ready to defend your ride and keep your car smelling fresh for up to 30
days. Become a Defender of Fresh here:
#ArmorAll #PoweroftheViking #Freshener


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3 thoughts on “Armor All Air Fresheners – Rowing Class (15 sec)

  1. Congrats on making someone who's used your products for 2 decades decide to never ever purchase anything your company makes ever again. This commercial is just the typically insulting brain dead leftist garbage. Hopefully you go the way of P&G, another company I and millions others are permanently boycotting.

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