Astral Chain Has Playstation Fans SALTY AF | Nintendo Switch Has Best Games Lineup | HEEL Truth LIVE

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Ur EmpBruh Gives HEEL Truth on Astral Chain reviews and the SALTY AF foolishness on the Critically Acclaimed Masterpiece getting User “Review Bombed” On Metacritic by Playstation Fanboys Stans. Plus Could Nintendo Switch have The Best Games Library in Gaming History?

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43 thoughts on “Astral Chain Has Playstation Fans SALTY AF | Nintendo Switch Has Best Games Lineup | HEEL Truth LIVE

  1. Astral Chain Has PS4orons MAD SALTY! I get it Switch has yet another Masterpiece and PS4 is DRY AF LOL

    Switch Games Library is already STACKED and will be the BEST ever! HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON!

  2. I'd like to enlighten everyone here that I was the first one to mention the review bombing to MetaCritic on social media and guess what? PlayStation fan of over 15 years, but Astral Chain is my GOTY and is objectively better than a 7 even if you're the biggest hater of Nintendo or Platinum Games.

    Loving this game and can't wait to do NG+ ❤

    I do however think you're an extremely bad influence on Nintendo players and are one of the reasons the laughable hate is still happening.

  3. Don’t be salty about God of War 95 at launch because you lost your bet. Don’t get me started about you used the late score.

  4. I'll admit I'm more of a PlayStation guy but no doubt the PlayStation fanbase for the last year has been the absolute worst in gaming. It's getting back to PS3-era level of fuckery. My favorite part of this Astral Chain debacle is you got idiots saying it's 'irrelevant' but seems to be relevant enough to review bomb it. LMAO! I'm glad this is why, while I have my preferences, I've never participated in corporate dickriding. I'm a gamer first and the fact is the Switch has owned this summer and will own the fall and those who don't have one because they, moronically, pledge allegiance to some other giant corporation that makes plastic are missing out.

  5. I'm a PlayStation fan and i feel offended. but if you want Astral Chain ported to PlayStation 4, that all you do is ask Platinum about it.

  6. I played a few hours of Astral Chain at a buddy's place. It's all fine and good. However not as fun as etrian odyssey nexus. The true goty

  7. Metacritic must have put down the law since most of the negative reviews for both games are gone and the user scores are very high again.

  8. Ask square Enid port Nier over switch,they will lose their shit lol.

    Come on Sonyfanboy,please be civilised and learn to appreciate man.there is a thing call ip.
    At least try to understand the story before being salty.nintendo fund this project.

    And you do have some exclusives that we want to play too,like gta gow dmc re2….(but we don’t do review bomb thou.)

    just stay cool and enjoy your maw ice borne .

    Psst and capcom is making monhunt for handheld consoles 🙂

  9. Man it’s amazing ! I left my FE3H game to look at this amazing entertainment. Don’t do this again, my backlog will never end because of you !
    I’m lmao ?

  10. Can these haters grow the fuck up. This is 2019, not 2006.. I Haven't taken much notice of what the gaming community fanboys are doing, haven't for several years. and I am surprised it hasn't changed.

  11. Remember Octopath Traveler? Remember it’s going to be released on PC? Do u think Astral Chain will remain exclusive?

  12. See sony ? This is what you get when you give love to a proven quality company they'll give you some of their best creations that will surpass any salt barrier and now Nintendo owns 2 ips from them. The next incoming game is bayo 3 but there will be a AC 2 with any doubt

  13. It's funny. All that these PS4 & PC fanboys did with this review-bombing was put Astral Chain over even FURTHER. They gave Nintendo free marketing that they didn't even need.

  14. Why do the Sony Playstation fanboys give such a bad impression for themselves? They say Nintendo is for kids, but these fanboys behave like 6-year old brats

  15. You deserve so much more subscribers.. always nice seeing black youtube gamers play something other than NBA and madden

  16. Once again this happens with literally every big game on every platform. Grow a spine, stop rewriting history, and play your damn games.

  17. I would buy the switch but them games are $60. I go to graduate school in 2 years and when I comeback ps5 and next xbox are the consoles that will be relevant. Maybe a switch pro comes out and it extends the life cycle… or a new console and it's bc with switch games.

  18. who the hell is salty?
    well, IK the guy who made a 59 minute video about saltiness is salty.

    Did ps2 and ps3 kids used to beat you up at highschool? did they made fun of you and your kiddie games?

    Now you went all muscular and made 1 hour kiddie rants to get revenge for them? Are they leaving you alone now?

    Tell me Baron.

  19. I think it's hilarious that playstation fanboys say exclusives matter but only when it comes to ps4 exclusives. Meanwhile they damn near cried like bitches when RDR2 almost won GOTY.

  20. Seems they're salty that Switch has a better exclusive lineup this year than they do (the PS4 is a good system imo but I don't think anyone aside from fanboys can deny there's very little for it this year in terms of exclusives)

    Switch''s 2019 Lineup:
    Yoshi's Crafted World
    Mario Maker 2
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
    Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    Astral Chain
    Link's Awakening
    Daemon X Machina
    Luigi's Mansion 3
    Pokemon Sword/Shield

    PS4's 2019 Lineup:
    Days Gone
    Death Stranding

    There's no competition really lmao

  21. Yeah, I have to agree with ya there. Seeing the salt in action and it's like none other. I always tell a true blue Sony brony I know who keeps shitting on the Switch to just buy one if the fact that Sony's dead this year bothers him so much.

  22. The only reason I didn’t finish Astral Chain this weekend was because I had to finish writing my book. GOTY for sure.

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