Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 Story Teaser Breakdown – Azula Returns

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Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 Teaser, Deleted Scenes Breakdown, New Azula Plot Explained, Zuko and Netflix Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes ►
Avatar The Last Airbender Teaser – New Episodes ►
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Covering Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 Teaser from Aaron Ehasz. New Azula Story Explained, Zuko and Azula after Last Airbender Finale, the new Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix Episodes and how they’ll expand on Azula’s original story. Lots more big Last Airbender stuff coming later this year. I’ll do more videos based on requests and when they drop new Teasers, Promos or cool details!

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46 thoughts on “Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 Story Teaser Breakdown – Azula Returns

  1. Here's my Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 video by request. The planned Season 4 they never got to make! Post all your theories in the comments and let me know what you want them to do with Azula on the new ATLA Netflix Series!

  2. I hope the live action series will be serious, dark and emotional. Like a adult version of the original series (that way it'll be also easier to rate them independently as a fan), just like the content grew up with the viewer. Zukos horrible childhood and the abuse of him and his mother by ozai can be enlighted. Also the genocide of the Airbenders. And radicals like jet or the blood bending witch (the scene with katara in the forest in live action with proper effects and soundtrack, while hama revealing her past? I'm already getting chills! ). The death (and for adult audience maybe even rape) of kataras mother. The cruelty of azula and her wierd, jet sad relationship to her friends and mother. They can enlighten more of her inner struggle, just like you said. The final Duell between azula and zuko was one of the most emotional things I ever saw in TV. A little love struggle between katara and zuko. they might include the "the search" comics which are awesome! There was some serious shit going on in atla.
    I would expect a mixture of lord of the rings (landscapes, journey), Harry Potter (friendship, good vs. Evil, parallels of drako and zuko) and a war theme (war crimes, genocide, colonial empire)
    Please! Serious, dark, emotional. (ofc jokes can still be included (sokka))

  3. I think it would be kool to see Azula in a apologetic state. Maybe still be the problem child but with a completely opposing persona. She gets all prodigy like one moment and then suddenly apologizes for how she acted. A mixed state Azula if you will.

  4. I love Azula
    I cried when she went crazy in that last scene
    Even building up to that scene had me yelling at the screen “ no Azula, it doesn’t have to be this way!”

  5. If you rewatch the live action film for ATLA but watch is a comedy/spoof (don't take it seriously) it's honestly comedy GOLD.

  6. Omygawsh Yaaaaaaaaaassss! Crazy Azula! What happened to Zuko and Azula's Mother too???? I hope they include her story too. Please delve in Azula's crazy mind!

  7. I am really confused right now. Is there really a fourth season of Avatar being made? Is this fan content? What is going on I am cautiously excited

  8. It's a live action series. Honestly I think they should have put funds into the animatrion seriers of 4 & 5. live action series never go down well, in my opinion

  9. i just binged all seasons the past 2 weeks. i should have listened to my brothers when i was younger. i definetely missed out 🙁 also azula is my fav character in the show !

  10. I feel like they should ditch Legend of Korra, and move that to a extended universe kind of like StarWars.

    Then continue avatar:TLA. Once you get all your comic story's done, we learn about Azula, and maybe more? They could redo legend of Korra, maybe start season 1 and have Korra fight the last of the loyalist of Ozai? Season 2 turns into season 1 of Korra, season 3 is the dark avatar, season 4 is kuvira. Ez

  11. Personally, I would prefer the live action to be more or less exactly similar to the animations. On the side, maybe you can add more storylines which goes adjacent to the main story and maybe an extra season can be made based on the original season 4 plans with Azula.

  12. Azula is the most capable young fighter in the show. I would love to see what it’s like if she actually trained Zuko. Every time the fight her they have to team up against her or restrain her somehow because if they don’t she will kill them before they can even land a hit. In the last fight as soon as Katara started fighting back, had she not frozen them Azula was way to faster for her and by the time she starts to bend her next attack Azula would already be blasting her. I think that’s one thing Zuko needs. He’s good a defending against and fighting her at a 20 meter distance but within arms reach Azula is too fast for him or anybody accept Aang because as we have seen even Aang is really fast in close quarters fighting so hand to hand combat Aang vs Azula would be incredible to see.

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