Buffalo Wild Wings ☆NASHVILLE HOT WINGS & SANDWICH☆ Food Review!!!

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NEW! B-DUBS ☆NASHVILLE HOT WINGS & SANDWICH☆ It’s unbelievable that B-DUBS would sponsor a NON-SOUTHERN Nantucket door-knocker to “Review” a Southern staple. So I had to kick it in gear and check out this NEW flavor as part of their newly revamped 2019 Menu and offer my view and HONEST opinion. I guess you need to be a morbidly obese, misogynist, bankrupt-divorced-cheater to get the attention of a major corporation to buy you 2-seats on a plane and do an over-reacted sponsored review at HQ with NO rating. If you want these hands bro, head up to the Mil boy. I’ll even buy your 2-seats to see me. Bitter much? You would be too if you were told you “aren’t big enough to be a creator at Cravecon and aren’t invited.” I already bought one of your old websites, don’t make me buy Cravecon.com too…

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24 thoughts on “Buffalo Wild Wings ☆NASHVILLE HOT WINGS & SANDWICH☆ Food Review!!!

  1. Holy crap. I just found you because I was about to order these things and wanted to watch a review and THAT IS MY BDUBS YO IN MY HOOD! AND MY NAME (Paul) IS ON YOUR DASHBOARD. This is all kinds of fucked up right now.

  2. What location did you get that from? The sandwich isn't even made correctly, not near enough sauce. There should hardly be any breaded spots visible on the sandwich. That being said I'm glad you enjoyed it but it should have been even better!

  3. "Red as a blood in crip town"……You kill me dude. That comment alone made me UNSUBSCRIBE….JUST so I could RE-SUBSCRIBE. Keep it up man i really like your energy, but i LOVE your hatred for "you know who"…..

  4. Damn you put the drop on someone in that rant. Gave it a thumbs up just for that.

    If you have a war of words I hope it's not escaladed , ooops, escalated.

    PS the last 30s of the video amusing.

  5. I live blocks from the original bw3 location on Frambes road in Columbus. I remember going there all the time because the food was great and cheap. Now, it's expensive and mediocre at best.

  6. I liked Drops years ago but it seemed he got a big ego and became a bad parody of himself. I just watched a video and he is stealing others idea's and nobody cares.

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