34 thoughts on “Bypass or reset password windows 8 or 10 no download Free

  1. Are you all serious? this is completely mental….What's the point of resetting your password by deleting all your files….

  2. fucking donkeys… he did not explain how to reset password without losind data …. this is only byepasse method for windows reset…. but if u have user password he should ask you password

  3. Thank you! I know this vid is a couple years old but this works! I had a laptop that my dad had for 3 years and it was still in windows 8, and i couldnt figure out the password but thanks to this vid its in the proccess of reseting (26%)

  4. Hi I’ve tried this but when I go to troubleshoot options. I don’t have any other options besides STARTUP SERTINGS! Can anyone help??

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