CES 2018 | TCL 6 Series Best Budget 4K TV of 2018?

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TCL’s 6 Series could be the best budget 4K TV of 2018! Following the popularity of last year’s TCL P Series, the 6 improves on everything from last year. I’ll be curious to see how it handles non-4K content. Subscribe up as I’ll be buying one of these to test for the channel!

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31 thoughts on “CES 2018 | TCL 6 Series Best Budget 4K TV of 2018?

  1. You can preorder the tcl series 6 right now at best buy right now it is being delivered tuesday may 1st the 55 is 599 and the 65 is 9 something

  2. My brand new 2017 55” TCL refuses to connect via HDMI to my Laptop! I have tried all the “tricks” I can find on Google. It should just connect and work, like it does on my Vizio tv. Anybody else??

  3. Hey techno dad , so is there a release date set yet for that TCL 6 serious tv yet I'm really excited to finally make my purchase and where would be the best place to buy . Thanks

  4. The six series TCl is not the same is last year's p series the hardware in it is different. some of it way better

  5. Just wondering techno Daddy-o, if u think the picture quality of the 65 inch 6 series tcl is as good as the 4k sony 900e. I just don't want 2 see any motion blur when watching a 4k blu ray movie. Thanks you.

  6. Dilemma, Wait for 65inch 6 series from tcl or wait till Super Bowl weekend and see what type of sale sony 65inch 930e will have.

  7. Thanks so much techno Daddy-o, I love your channel please keep me updated with the 6 series tcl on specs! Please keep up the awesome work u put into your videos.

  8. I have been holding out to purchase a 65” and was about to pull the trigger on the 930e as it is now priced below 2k. Mostly Tv, Movies and some gaming in relatively bright room. Do you think the new 65”TCL 6 series would justify me now waiting a few months for its release over the 930e?

    Thanks and appreciate the videos!

  9. Can anyone tell me if the new tcl 6 series 65 inch is 120 hertz? Or 60? & how does it compare to the sony 900e series? In picture quality.

  10. Will they have a 49 inch version of this?
    I was kinda thinking of getting this due to Dolby Vision support (what's the hype behind it?), it may replace my LG 43UJ6300 (obviously last year's model) TV that I currently got.

  11. Ok, so I have the 2017 Model that is still under the return policy date at best buy. From what you know and have seen, would you advice me to take this one back and wait for spring for the new 55inch????

  12. Hey! I loved your video.Your review is awesome! I liked your video and subscribed to your channel! We just released a video On Cool tech at CES 2018! Check us out and subscribe if you like it!

  13. I bought the p series 55 inch and I love it. Interested in seeing how they improve an already awesome tv. TCL is a true sleeping giant

  14. Oh man i was so excited to see this!!!! I have a B7 OLED, probably gonna pick up the SONY A8F to replace it, but definitely going to get this gem for my bed room lol..

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