36 thoughts on “CN BLUE's Jung Yong Hwa look at his luck at Running Man finale race.

  1. Makes me laugh every time I watched this video, the palm reader is very good everything he said happen 2years find a girlfriend now waiting for he's married! YEH,YEH!

  2. yong hwa sii you no 1 grilfrend is busan gril and no 2 is cinderella shin hye so beautiful gril i love you yongshin

  3. yong hwa you succesful youre so really really really heppy you serious married cinderella shin hye is youre?????? i love you yongshin

  4. well, the palm reader said that yonghwa should only marry when he turn the 27 or 28. well, it so happen now that he is married at the age of 28.

  5. oh noo, seohyun is he girlfriend right 🙁 why he only find girlfriend after a few year ? he had found his girlfriend right it's seohyun..

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