Concept – GameNight! Se2 Ep12

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Start of Game: 10:30
End Game Discussion: 44:10
Tonight on GameNight! we play one of the three 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominees, Concept, from designers Gaëtan Beaujannot & Alain Rivollet and published by Repos Production and Asmodee.

The other 2014 nominees are:
Splendor –
Camel Up –

For more information about Concept:


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29 thoughts on “Concept – GameNight! Se2 Ep12

  1. Aaron just seems to take issue with everything. Everyone accepted that the arrow left could mean "in the past" but he insists on complaining.
    I have also noticed he whines about every game he loses at and complains most episodes.
    Overall he seems rather unpleasant at times. Be a little more agreeable!

  2. I really love this channel, but I couldn't make it through because of fingernail guy. Disappointed! Kinda gross! I mean, if they'd been painted it may have been different, but as they are it is kinda gross.

  3. Group yawning, long nails and mobile fiddling made me turn this one off previously. Once everyone at the table took a turn at Concept, this GameNight improved significantly. I think the rules instruction was perhaps not up to the usual high standard, so the attention of viewers (and players) was elsewhere. After watching all of it  tonight, I'd definitely try this game.

    GameNight! works much better with the original foursome imho, this ep is not one of their best. 

  4. The problem with these guys is they spend 10-15 minutes EVERY video on rules exposition!! BOOOORING!!
    60 secs tops then into the game and explain as you go along.
    Dull Dull Dull.

  5. There are other cues you can use. For instance: tapping the deck of cards means: let's review. There is the number 1 on the board, use title & then a number of cubes to indicate the number of words in the title (or do the same thing with phrase). The fragment can indicate a word that's an article and the parts can mean a small word. Also the cube can be put on a picture in the picture, such as the picture of a champagne glass in the holiday section.

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