Dawn of War 3 – What do People think of it? – Salty Review Bomb Rating

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This one goes over STEAM-reviews and reviews them, Yes?
Target confirmed: • Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 3

Comedy-Satire! Not an actual game-review!

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23 thoughts on “Dawn of War 3 – What do People think of it? – Salty Review Bomb Rating

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  2. Oh yea the shit game wich was abandoned by their devs who could not stand the constant critigue since the first time they showed gameplay and propably killed the dow series the same way command and conquer 4 killed its series.

  3. Tbh dawn of war 3 looks like a very soothly polished ad for a mobile game. It looks different. And it could never stand up to the older titles cause they have a soft spot for them. Thankfully we have ultimate apocalypse and it is the true dawn of war experience. Also love ur vids.

  4. its a good game imho, definitely needs balancing and more factions. sad we never got this to happen because "warhammer fans". its really fun with 3vs3 tho.

    the funny thing is how a lot of people actually liked this at first, but then when haters came they switched sides because their opinion wasnt "popular" anymore.

  5. That moment the first comment sums up how every warhammer player feels. "it's not a game, it's a travesty." Best review, short, simple, accurate. I've been forcing myself to play it, otherwise gotta admit I wasted 60 bucks on a game that I played 10 hours in.

    What he meant by it looks like a kid game is it's overly bright and more of a cartoonish style, which doesn't at all fit with the grit, horror and darkness of 40k. The reason people call it a moba is your units is mostly cannon foughter, whereas the commanders are the real 'attraction' and determine the game. So the minions are the units that aren't your three elites.

    Firstly, it's not the worst game I've ever played, and probably won't ever be. But when I compare it to the company of heroes series, and dawn of war soulstorm, even just vanila it doesn't hold up at all. It's very bad dawn of war game, and the devs clearly thought the focus should be more of a moba game than a true RTS like DC, or SS. The overly cheerful, and cartoon style hurts it, the forces like space marines should be with not polished armor, mod, scratches, dents, things to show a killing machine in power armor has actually be at war more than a first-day recruit. The campaign was…Okay, not memorable, but not bad. The fact you only have 3 factions really hurts it, the hindrance of people to make mods for it like UA, for example, makes the problems almost un-fixable. The

    If this wasn't made by relic, if it didn't hold the "Dawn of war" title, the game might be okay. If you were super bored, might be fun for a change of pace, but when compared to other titles of relic and dawn of war games. But because it is a dawn of war, and people LOVED coh and dawn of war to dawn of war Soulstorm, and even dawn of war 2, though I didn't enjoy that on which is beside the point, because it is a dawn of war made by relic, people hold it to high standards. So I think them making it "Dawn of war 3" really is why it's so disliked. Oh, and them making a guy jump while in terminator armor, literally impossible feat and being a dick about it.

  6. Honestly, even if this game was a bit limited in term of content (maps, races) i really loved it. Once you(ve understood the gameplay this game was really intense. But now, because of all these haters, it's dead and that sad.

  7. It's true that a lot of people hated DoW II when it came out, but a lot of people also loved it. DoW III may not be the worst game ever made, but it's definitely not more than a 5/10.

  8. You know the comic book snob on the Simpsons? I feel like he wrote a few of these. Why I watch let’s play and not read reviews. 10/10 Feed the Floof and make him ka-Poof!

  9. Well I'm a big fan of first DOW and I absolutely hated the second game. It must burn with the heretics and traitors! Third DOW was simply ok, wish the game had a different art style, more playable races and a campaign map, similar to Soulstorm and Dark Crusade. Still it's a great Improvement over the second game. Anyway great review, need more dumbass MOBA quotes tho.

  10. I still play DOW3. Its a nice game. I just wish there would be 1-2 balance patches and the dow 2 game mode. Thats like the main thing wrong with the game. Its this stupid game mode.

  11. The comedy-satire was funny, don't worry about haters, the game died a long time ago!
    The game (developers especially) doesn't deserve that much hate, they couldn't anticipate that people would hate "cartoonish" units (I only find the lack of battle scars sad, but it's just a detail), and back then there was only the "destroy the enemy tower + nexus" gamemode which is why people call it a moba…
    If DoW fans don't support them/buy the game, who would? That's where they failed :c
    Not announcing updates / major changes was a big mistake in my opinion; right now I'm having a lot of fun with Battlefleet Gothic Armada II (I must say, a glorious 40K game!), that's mostly because I read their announcements about patches / the game being important in the eyes of the developers.
    Back about DoW3, it felt like they didn't care about their game dying right at the very start, seing such a good serie falling apart is pretty sad, tho I wouldn't blame the developers, they surely received enough insults or even death threats from stupid people…

  12. Oh, and yeah, I guess I liked the way you did the video, although any reading of DoW3 reviews is inevitably going to make me crawl into a ball haha.

  13. Sigh, the steam comments for most games are cancer, but the DoW3 ones in particular made me want to find the game's developers just to give them a hug and tell them I at least appreciated the effort they put in.

    DoW3 was a game that I was disappointed in when the gameplay was revealed pre launch, and when I decided to buy it because I had a gift voucher I still didn't particularly like it at first, it seemed like a game of turtling and then getting a level 9 hero and stomping the opponent (who was always a CPU at that stage :P), but I kept playing it because a friend had it and wanted to play. It was probably only after I played it for 15-20 hours that I really started to appreciate it and learned how to play it properly. The underlying mechanics aren't particularly obvious upon first playing it (like the importance of the fact you get more resources back when your units die in the first 10mins than later, or the importance of getting an early elite point, or how not getting resources just for capturing a point was important). The game also copped a lot of hate simply for being in the Warhammer universe and only having 3 warhammer factions playable (3 factions is good for an RTS, it's fine! Unfortunately Warhammer fans don't understand development costs and think that every faction should just exist in a game immediately and if their favourite faction isn't there they hate the game).

    I now personally love the objective based approach and would recommend far more RTSs implement it. I loved the mix of hero units and regular squads. I loved the resources system which encouraged tactical thinking about how to invest in resources and which encouraged early battles. I loved the simple visibility/height mechanics and the vast number of traps you could set with them combined with the huge array of hero abilities. I loved how the way you played a race changed depending on which hero you summoned.

    Lots of things to love in this game, but most aren't self-evident upon first playing it. It's a shame it requires a decent amount of play to understand the underlying mechanisms because I really hope another game like it gets made, but I fear it won't now because most people reacted to their early knee-jerk impressions of the game 🙁

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