Did Pizza Hut Get It Right This Time?

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Recently Pizza Hut has brought back their Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza. Despite having a few complaints when they released it in 2016, I wanted to try it again and see if they got it right this time!




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50 thoughts on “Did Pizza Hut Get It Right This Time?

  1. My newest Podcast is up at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf0SAITdI6g today I discuss the OK Boomer meme, COPPA and many other topics. Listen in!

  2. You should review other things too…Things like drugs, booze, outdoor activities, meditation and whatnot…I would totally watch you review those things…

  3. Please refuse, no……..boycott Papa John's pizza. After their hostile takeover or theft of the company, I would not eat that pizza, ever. I think what happened truly stinks.

  4. the videos are getting a little long winded and drawn out… you didnt even show the pizza til 40% into the video and didnt start eating til over halfway into the video. and it took you like 4 minutes to eat one piece of pizza.

  5. Ryback TV mentioned you and said he would like to do a food review with you. It would be nice to see you 2 sitting next to each other one day and reviewing some Jersey Mike's compared to Firehouse Subs.

  6. Well I am italian and whatching this is physical pain,I mean I love fast food,but pizza can't be fast food,you will never find a thing such as fast food pizza in Italy.

  7. I'm sorry about your injury. I hope you are moving around better. I just wanted to say. Thank you for tearing off that second garlic knot. It was very satisfying. I'd say next time just ask for extra cheese. I did that with a pizza I got for my work buddies and it was more stringy and yummy. ???

  8. If you like suits so much, why not take little of that shiny YT money and get a suit in your actual size? Or a real tailored one?

  9. LOVE pizza. Last time I was at the "Hut", was visiting a friend in Toronto…back in 2002. We decided to go out and eat…what I suggest? You guessed it. Well….we bit into each a slice….4 of us (spouses too)….tried a second bite….and that was it for us. $30 down the tube…..we didn't even bother complain….walked out…went to a bar and grill…..got an AMAZING meal.

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