Eliquid from France??? Petit Nuage Review

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22 thoughts on “Eliquid from France??? Petit Nuage Review

  1. Can get this e Liquid for 16 at my local vape shop! I absolutely love the Lime and pomegranate crush! My top 5 liquids. There incredible

  2. Mark wanna buy my French battle rifle? , it was dropped twice , never shot. 🙂 You guys pulling out all the stops. Angela looks beautiful as always.

  3. The only one I've tried so far is the Flocon Presse which is the fresh orange splash, and I love it. I hate menthol, mint and koolada in pretty much any juice but for whatever reason this one nails it. It's so good.

  4. I’m so pisssed I missed this live but it was a awesome show guys, that cream brûlée’s sound absolutely beautiful, do know if this product available in Australia? Take care I hope I don’t miss the next one.
    Keep on Vaping ???

  5. As a fellow round man, I respect the shirt flo Mark!!!! Lol. Thanks so much for the review as always. You both are way awesome.

  6. How did Bluto end up with this fine looking lady she’s hot AF! Those hair extensions and that outfit just do it for me. Bluto if you ever decide to get rid of her send her my way plenty of trailer parks here in N.C.

    Great video as always guys keep it up!

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