"Ender Wish" – A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪

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“Ender Wish” – A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪

The Nether King sends forth a massive attack against the capital End City. Following the matriarch’s last wish, the Ender Watchers challenge this fate for the sake of the future.

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Voice actors
Kestin Howard as Vordus the Dragonseer
Amelia Mader as Ceris, the End Matriarch
♫ Music credits (THR3 Team): ♫
Lead Singer/Arranger – Amelia Mader
Lyrics by Olivia Mader
Producer/Composer – Oscar Fogelström
Manager/Composer – Benjamin Maisonet
Producer/Drums – Timothy William
End city:

Rainimator Season 1 Playlist (Herobrine’s Revenge, Cold as Ice):

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21 thoughts on “"Ender Wish" – A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪

  1. The other artifact mht be the ender dragon egg and maybe an ender crystal and the most powerful eye of ender

  2. Here are the characters' names.

    The Overworld:

    Rain (The Dragon Tamer)
    Ser Patrick (Frostbourne Grandmaster)
    Ser Theo (The Frostbourne Knight)
    Lady Azura (The Frostbourne Scholist)
    Daryll (The Frostbourne Bandit)
    Abigail Crysteffor

    The Nether:

    Scorch (The Greater Blaze)
    Gigabone (The Giant Wither)
    Blackbone (The Commander)
    Glutton (The Pig King)
    Kralos (The Wither Knight)
    Abigail Crysteffor (The Flame Mistress)
    False Pig King

    The Ender Watchers:

    Ceris (The End Matriarch)
    Vordus (The Dragonseer)
    Zeganirn (The End Dancer)
    Stella (The Last Ender Watcher)

    Also, there is a video that tells you the characters' names.

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