Fuji x100f, Wide (WCL) & Telephoto (TCL) Conversion Lenses @ Escalante & Bryce National Parks

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Special thanks to Fuji Pro Rentals for letting us borrow the x100f and adapters!


Fuji x100f:
WCL-X100 II Wide Conversion Lens:
TCL-X100 II Tele Conversion Lens:
Fuji X-T2 ➡


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27 thoughts on “Fuji x100f, Wide (WCL) & Telephoto (TCL) Conversion Lenses @ Escalante & Bryce National Parks

  1. sorry, bit late, but …: let's take one more criteria into the comparison between the TCL and the 35mm lens. Put  the lens onto the X100F ( as this is the camerea base, we're Talking About) and then talk about the Image Quality … I bet the screwed on TCL is far better than the not fitting lens … 🙂 Oh, you're talking About the "over all" Quality? well, then take a Hasselblad with a Zeiss !

  2. Thanks a lot, My X100F arrives tomorrow and I was thinking to get the converters too…but I was sceptical and your vid helped a lot. I always had at least two lenses in my bag 23 f2 and 50 f2 and was scared to stick only to the 23 … but that’s what I was going to do

  3. WCL is excellent for landscape! The TCL is more for indoors and nightlife where you want to photograph people and things without sticking your camera in their faces although that huge adaptor somewhat defeats the purpose. I wonder why they couldn't have made it 40mm to make it worthwhile.

  4. So do you feel the same way about the 100 serries? Here is my dilemma, I currently have had a nikon d3300 for the past 4 years. I have a tamron 17-50 2.8 and a nikon 35mm 1.8. Street photography is mostly what I enjoy but I love taking portraits of my daughter and dont really want to abandon ICL all together, so my initial thought was to get an x100f for street and as "more likely to have on me" camera, but its ultimately not as small as some people make it out to be honestly around the same size as the xt20. so that caused me to start looking at that, which made me look at the xt2 because really its not all that bigger than the 20….but then the Panasonic GX9 is brought to my attention, but I don't know if I want to commit to M43 and all the image samples I see look flat or dark compared to the fuji. Of course there arent many samples either because the GX9 is newer and more obscure and kind of getting a lot of hate even from panasonic people. Anyway, I know the solution is to rent it all to see what fits me, but I thought I would ask if you feel the XT20 is still your "have it on you" camera, and if my main mode of carry would be a small messenger bag with a surface pro and some other small items, would it still be too bulky?
    PS I should mention that having a dslr for street is what brought me to look at fuji to begin with, as I feel unconfident due to feeling "paparazi"-ish with dslr out on the streets, even though it is a smaller one.

  5. Why did your delete your video:
    X-T2 Durability: Everything That’s Gone Wrong

  6. really cool video chief! and you just convinced me not to buy the X100f. I've got the XT1 with a few lenses, and have been thinking about selling them all and getting the x100f. But now I think I will just stick to my xt1! so thanks for the save

  7. Ha, is that a Ford Excursion? Very Utah.

    Getting on topic, glad you made this. I’ve always been curious about the TCL/TCW. I don’t think I ever realized how big those suckers are.

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