Gary Vee & Grant Cardone In Singapore | BRUTALLY HONEST Review of NAC Global Tour 2019

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Here is my full review on the event held on 16 May 2019 @ Singapore Expo with snippets of Gary Vee’s appearance!

2:05 Schedule
6:59 Pros + Cons
12:15 Ticket Prices
13:29 Do I recommend National Achievers Congress?
14:57 Course Sign Ups : Game Changer (Peng Joon) and Fast Profit Trading Strategies (Sandy Jadeja)
16:20 Vlog Review right after the NAC Global Tour
20:27 Gary Vee’s Q + A portion

Hang around this channel because I will most likely be doing an honest review of the 2 courses I will be attending in June. I’m genuinely interested in the integrity of the workshop in terms of:
1. Is this course as valuable as the speakers are pushing it out to be?
2. How legitimate are these workshops?
3. Will I be able to profit out of their teachings?
4. Is it worth it?


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9 thoughts on “Gary Vee & Grant Cardone In Singapore | BRUTALLY HONEST Review of NAC Global Tour 2019

  1. Oh bby girl you got finessed just watched the buying the courses part.
    I’m going to get tips on selling courses by watching these course selling pros

  2. Thanks for sharing I’m going to the one in LA on the 15th to see Gary pretty much. And it’s unfortunate how the real biz is selling courses at the moment.
    Anyways come by my channel and check out my amazon course ?

  3. Hi Bernadette, thank you for your review on NAC. Did you attend the Sandy Jadeya’s 2 day trading workshop? I have attended the course too. Just want you to share your thoughts about the trading course . 🙂

  4. You should have no regrets for Sandy Jadeja's course.
    You have 1-2 signals per months for HE2 with 93% successful rate (for 1 year). You can make only from those signals way more money that you spend on the course.
    This is the basic course that he has, you will learn basic stuff about trading, and few simple strategies which if you follow exactly by his instructions (very simple) and keeping your emotions away while trading, you can make a good income from trading.

    The most important part is actually the psychological aspect when trading, which a lot of people are struggling with and most people fail. You will see what's going on and you'll love it.

  5. Good Effort! I was the second Q&A attendee who asks about the 'unproductive'. Just to share, there is a psychological reason why they don't share their schedule. It was on purpose. All the best.

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