Guess what I missed out in this Peugeot 3008 review? |

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The Peugeot 3008 holds a special significance for me as it was my first test car upon joining EvoMalaysia in 2018.

In this video, I was given an opportunity to re-visit the car and more closely examine its quirks and character in daily use.

This is a car designed with a lot of thought, one that seeks to be aesthetically pleasing yet thoroughly functional. There are many signs of great effort by Peugeot’s part to maximize what this car has to offer from surprisingly conventional components.

Still, there was one little detail that I missed out on. What is it? Write down in the description?

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20 thoughts on “Guess what I missed out in this Peugeot 3008 review? |

  1. I want to say. This is an intelligent and honest review. But better than that, you show great insight of the type of segment and then the differential of the pug. Great review, loved the detail, many thanks for the effort in pointing these things out. You’re a fellow fan of this car, I own one myself.

  2. Honestly , this car really tempting,but …but for daily driving.. I still don't have guts to buy this … Kon.. Your opinion 3008 or subaru forester? headache headache?

  3. Kon .I say the same thing in Bobby video , nice car design but a car that i don't dare to buy , my car mechanical friends and used car dealers friends all warn me don't buy this car , the mechanical say if I buy he will wait for me at his shop every month after less then two years , the used car dealer told me not to call him if want t sell as he can't help me unless i accept he slash about at least 50% of the car value .Too bad so we just enjoy your video and your review .TQ

  4. I am still confused of my choice to get the 3008 or the X70 tho. Both very handsome, high tech at the same time. My personal opinion, price tag is significant lah.

  5. He seems more enjoying his malayglish and d clarity of his vocal paired with smooth and careful pace in crusing his delivery of his sentences to test his viewers’ patience. Seriously i personally find this is not lively like boby who simply brings more joys in his video.

  6. Kon you never got around the Haval H2. reason being my friends who are interested the Aruz/brv are also considering the h2… just on price alone. would be great if you can give us a perspective on the matter. great vid as usual. cheers.

  7. I find it surprising none of reviewers either yourself Kon, Bobby or Cardock ever mentioned about 3008 front seat isofix tether.. Might not be an important feature for car journalist but for a family that have children and strive to put their offspring from 0 yrs to 12 yrs old in isofix car seats, being able to have such feature at the front seat is a god send especially with babies or toddlers that are fussy doesn't want to sit at the rear seat…mothers will love it!

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