Highlights | Partizan Belgrade 0-1 Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

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See all the highlights from United’s 1-0 Europa League win over FK Partizan in Belgrade.

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41 thoughts on “Highlights | Partizan Belgrade 0-1 Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

  1. i was saw this on youtube first page (feels disappoint at first glance, make me not click it)

    then last night, after i finnish play csgo, my friend came to my room, he was just come home from going outside
    it was late late night, and he ask me to play FIFA
    and he also ask the United game, i said it over 1-0, but he insist me to turn on the TV
    right when Mu just about to play

    Try to get a views with this way huh ? not cool admin

  2. ให้รีบๆๆๆหนา?ถ้า.หาก.พญานาคี.ออกโรง?

  3. พวกนี้อยากที่จะ?รอง?ของ.นะ

  4. อยากที่จะได้?ประตู?ไหมในวันนี้

  5. ถ้า.อยากที่จะได้?ประตู?พวกคุณๆๆๆ

  6. We beat a league 2 level bunch of farmers 0-1 ye well done 👍🏻 these would get relegated to conference if they played in england

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