How to access SQL Server running on another machine

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In this tutorial we will learn how access SQL Server running on another machine. We will see how to save data into database which is present on another computer. First we will create a project in Visual Studio and write ADO.Net code to save data into database. After this will configure our computer to allow the incoming client’s request. You can visit the following link for more details about how to access / configure SQL Server running on another computer.

Finally you can move this project without database to any other local computer and save data where we have already configured SQL Server.


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12 thoughts on “How to access SQL Server running on another machine

  1. Thanks for the Tutorial Shakir Ali. I am new to SQL so I don't know the full connectionstring. I need to know the connectionstring. I don't see you GitHub link in the description?

  2. when I put the exe file into another PC I got error " Login failed for user ". while I copied the same piece of code by your video.

  3. shakir when i move my C# project to another computer, i got some error login failed for user <computer name>Guest.
    How i fix this error. Please help

  4. Very nice one. Could you please make a video of creating localhost website, but it can able to use on another machine on same network like update, query,delete and we want to use with 'microsoft sql server ', not with 'Xamaap'. Is it possible for you to show me the guide?

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