How To Get MENDING VILLAGERS! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 84

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Today it is Mending day! In this episode I go over the best way to get mending, a mending villager! Mending Villagers got a lot easier to get in Minecraft 1.14, which makes this all even nicer!


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34 thoughts on “How To Get MENDING VILLAGERS! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 84

  1. Just have a bunch of farmers and they give average of 5 emeralds each day for crops and you can sell Melons and Pumpkins as well to make 10 emeralds each day from one farmer villager. So that’s easy emeralds

  2. 8:15 I know that this is an old video, but in any case… Villagers will only change profession at certain times of day. I can’t remember what time it is, but it’s around midday, which doesn’t leave you with much time considering how long it can take to get the right trade

  3. I got tons of emeralds by having a massive melon farm and over 10 farmers who can give me emeralds for melons, it is really OP and an easy way to get emeralds. BTW you don't need over 10 farmers but you need about three or four at least.

  4. Trapdoors on upside down stairs are registered as 2 blocks for the villagers’ pathfinding, just saying this, because fences are pretty boring

  5. when you hold a torch in your main hand you get a little light source without placing the torch… how do you do that?

  6. Definitley would love a bedrock version from a very new player who just downloaded the game on xbox that would be sweet!!

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