44 thoughts on “How to Get Vocaloid Software for FREE with 3 EASY Steps!

  1. When I first saw this video title I was kind of confused. I thought you were going to talk about getting the demos available online. But you can't really do much with those.

  2. 0:37 Step 1 GET A JOB

    Me: u think a 15 year old can get a paying JOB. (Well next year I’m gonna be a freaking CAMP COUNSELOR and I won’t be paid a lot so UTAU IT IS!)

  3. Thanks. Step 3 worked like a charm. Now I hate myself.

    If any of my fans find this, should you actually exist, I joking I've just been really busy over the last year.

  4. Teto the baguette is now my new waifu. Sorry vflower. Jk lol no im keeping vflower even though shes " Technically a voice bank and she cant be your waifu " ah, degenerates i tell you.

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