How to HARD COUNTER the Top 5 META Heroes in 7.22 – Best Tips to Win in Ranked | Dota 2 Pro Guide

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In this Dota 2 meta guide, pro coach Speeed covers some gameplay tips and drafting tricks YOU can abuse to counter the top 5 best meta heroes currently dominating in ranked play right now! DESTROY the patch 7.22G meta with these pro strategies to win lane, shutdown your strongest enemies in the DRAFT and rank up!

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43 thoughts on “How to HARD COUNTER the Top 5 META Heroes in 7.22 – Best Tips to Win in Ranked | Dota 2 Pro Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 most powerful heroes in ranked right now and how YOU can shut them down!

    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. I once almost killed Sark as AA in a full one on one. I was warding/dewarding their jungle (I was radiant btw) and my team was pushing high ground Bot, stayed too far I know, but Slark was the only one alive. He came to kill me since I was alone and pounced + deathdark pact'ed , I knew he'd do that and waited for it to finish then I used my Cold Feet, Eule'd him, put down Ice Vortex, Ice blasted him and gave him a Chilling Touch (hehe). He had to use his ulti, since I'd kill him with auto-attack, yet he managed to survive.
    I'd have to say that AA is a good counter to Slark because the Vision he gives and the Ice blast, plus he can punish an early Dark Pact with Cold Feet.

  3. I usually counter chrono with a euls if it's part of the item build, it's cheaper than sheep stick and e blade. Am I retarded or is it actually a good item against void?

  4. Willow's fear ultimate trashes Void's crono, stun works really well too, plus no jumping around in the maze and no hitting when in shadow realm. I really counter void a lot with the little faerie!

  5. pick a core pug to counter slarck trust me slarck will never win the trade and just in general cant fight around pug very well

  6. I don't think people pick void so he can carry you he has the most game-changing spell in the entire dota one good Chrono win u the game so I think countering void is impossible but u can counter the player play better around the CD and picking kitting him into an aggressive timewalk or somthing is better play or just sustain having more tanky-ness with items and natural tanky heroes are better option to win vs void

  7. I rarely play NS

    But after watching that video I just went ranked game as offlaner role: 14/3 as NightStalker, after killing their carry 4 times in row then free farmin the lane durin day time, late game aghanim abyssal echo sabre…. Bloodbath

  8. I don't think we play NS because of his latest patch. I think people just were late to figure it out in pubs about how awesome his ulti is.

  9. this doesn't just helped me counter the meta it also helped me avoid picking the meta heroes when I see these counters

  10. Need help on this
    Guys i had this game where i was playing doom and i was solo against void and jakiro lane went well i didnt die and i made phase boots blink radiance so far i was doing good and kept pushing wave to tower and then doing enemy jungle i was 2nd on net worth void was on 3rd and my team invoker first then enemy started forcing fights i was mostly at top trying to push creeps to tower so they force rotation and i was trying to steal void jungle. later my team started flaming me to come in fights i had to blink and come from top to bottom and when i reached they all were dead i gave them call to back to high ground i am coming but they started fight saying they were taking our tier 2 due to this i was getting killed by pugna enigma and void chrono andd jakiro is it my fault? Pudge went roam in our team and my team started saying i shud too they were Fighting 4v4
    My team
    Shadow demon

    Enemy team

    i only made rotation when i had doom should i be blamed for this?

    What i was telling my team is that we shud smoke and kill someone with my blink and then force 4v5

  11. Just pick legion then have it the best early game with ton of early duel dmg .

    Even it is buffed a lot that doesn't matter

  12. What mmr is this meta? Havent seen much ns play and he certainly hasnt been a top factor. Also his changes dont look that huge…

  13. I learnt hard way that Dark Willow can completely, utterly negate Faceless Void, even in his domain (Chronosphere).

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