How to Install The Sims 4 All Packs | 2019 | FREE | NO TORRENT | Own Base Game

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My full Online name is KiTTENZnKiLLZ. You may be wondering how I came about that name, well let me explain.

I was looking for a gamertag that took something Cute and sweet, and mixed it with something that that was brutal.

I was always a tom-boy growing up, I wrestled, I played football, and I loved every type of game. [KiLLZ] On the other hand, I loved makeup, doing my hair, and feeling cute.[KiTTENZ] I am a mixture of a cute bug-eyed anime character, and a vulgar a-hole.

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37 thoughts on “How to Install The Sims 4 All Packs | 2019 | FREE | NO TORRENT | Own Base Game

  1. PLEASE someone help about mods..
    i downloaded this & everything’s good but how can i now use the sims tray importer to delete my broken cc??
    cuz none of my cc are showing in the tray importer💔💔💔

  2. Hey this works! but could you tell me is there a way to upload my mods into this version of sims. If not is there a way to get my old sims back with my old game cause that disappeared:( xoxo

  3. So I did this with the updated version and everything worked just fine, except now I can’t download anything from the sims 4 gallery does anyone know how I could access the sims 4 gallery without an origin account. If you do please help and thank you

  4. Can anyone tell me what are the necessary extensions to download the updated version? I don't want to download anything that could give me a virus

  5. How do you download lots and place them in the game? I never had origin and it doesn’t work on this downloaded version. Is there a way around that?

  6. Anyone German? Also I finished the download but I couln‘t found the setups and after the download ,the archive‘ opened

  7. Hi KiTTENZ! Nice video. Just one question, if I have the base game which I got for free through Origin so its a legit copy can I just install the DLCs only and uncheck the base game? Will it have any issues?

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