How To Remove Password From Windows 8 Computer/ Tablet Tutorial | Window 8 Forgotten Passcode Unlock

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Download Windows Password Key ( to remove or reset any administrator or other user password on any laptop or desktop with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista easily.

How To Remove Password From Windows 8 Computer/ Tablet Tutorial | Windows 8 Laptop Forgotten Passcode Unlock

Hey techies! Here’s a simple tutorial on how to unlock windows computers, laptops, and tablets. The only negative thing about this is, it will delete all the files on the computer.

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Camera equipment:
Manfrotto 502 fluid head –
Manfrotto Tripod –
Konova K2 Slider –
Panasonic GH4 –
18-55 Lens –
Sony FDR-A100 –

Desk Setup
Ikea desk –
Drawers/Cabinet –
Drawers/Cabinet w. wheels –
Computer Stand/Cabinet –
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47 thoughts on “How To Remove Password From Windows 8 Computer/ Tablet Tutorial | Window 8 Forgotten Passcode Unlock

  1. Is it delete my all drives data..? Or if I choose my windows drive than only is it delete that drive data..? Or I put my data folder in my C drive means windows drive is that data also will delete.?
    Please tell me. I can't want to lose my data.

  2. My problem is just idk alright

    I found my old laptop while cleaning screen was broken never had it repaired, so i plugged in and charged it and used an HDMI for screen display,

    So shows my email and type in password and it was wrong, so I reset my password tried to sign into my laptop gives me the same option to reset my password so I’m stuck

  3. Thank God finally i hv found a best and easy tutorial it helps me alot thanks for uploading such a wonderful video God bless u

  4. the reason why sometime it doesnt work is bcause sometime ur windows is not genuine… the most easy to check wether ur windows is genuine or not is just check at the back of your laptop and look for windows sticker.. mostly of the genuine windows have it…

  5. It helped out, but there was a problem during the reboot. Now it freezes on the screen after setting up Microsoft Office 😒

  6. I can not unlock my packerbell tablet laptop swipe I can’t remember that not the email I used to get. Any ideas anyone ?

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