Illustration VS Concept – Why do some companies want Sketches and others want paintings?

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Why do some companies want Sketches and others want paintings?

Things I’ve worked on:
Overwatch (PC, PS4)
League of Legends (PC)
Diablo 3 (PC,PS4)
Hearthstone (Mobile, PC)
Burning Crusade (PC)
Wrath of the Lich King (PC)
Final Fight Streetwise (PS2)
He Man (GBA)
Terminator 3 (GBA)
CannonBallers (Mobile)
Twilight Monk
Nova Colony
Galaxy’s Edge
Millenium Actress
Goblins and Gnomes


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42 thoughts on “Illustration VS Concept – Why do some companies want Sketches and others want paintings?

  1. i'm at art school and just had my first illustration class and I have no clue what I want to do with myself. After watching this video, I still have no idea what to do, but this gave me a lot of information so that's a good start and a little of my anxiety is eased. Thanks, man 🙂

  2. My fav skin on wukong haha. But wait you did all of that on screen in a day? I gotta get faster .. I can draw fundamentally sure hands human whatever but I feel like im to slow. Even now after seeing this lmao

  3. 90% of it was .. nice … But quit the last thing you saied: No one wants to retrain you, is more then right to nearly every job 🙂

  4. At 12min in I totally feel that fact right now. I have applied at game companies and I know now why I keep on getting rejected. I'm coming from a comic heavy background and have been wanting to branch out but I found it hard especially after watching this and why that is. I know that I can execute illustrated angles and breakdowns but I don't have that a lot in my portfolio.

    Question: To gain experience, since I won't be able to get that experience by getting hired, what is the next best thing? …and still get paid for it?

    Thank you for the this video. I just happen to stumble upon this video on "auto play" after watching a different tutorial video and this has answered the questions that I have had reading job post on the internet and reading the "requirements" of those posts. They've use the words "shipped" and I've always wondered what that was.

    Disregard my question, I decided to read some of the comments before posting this comment…sigh….

    Great informational video. Sadly, I know now not to go this route to branch out…not unless a friend hooks me up. lol

  5. Awesome video🎥 thanks for cool video…. You have 15 years experience… That not gonna waste…. (Is by only cool render drawing we get job… As artist.. ) in what age you start concept art career..? I am trying to be concept and character artist….. I am now 18 year's old… ….

  6. I’m trying to practice to be a character concept artist intern at PlayStation, but no matter how much or how long I practice, there’s no improvement. Perhaps watching more videos could help. Wish me luck! 🙂

  7. why do you sound so entitled? it was a bit irkishly disturbing as the video is nearing the end…. anyways, did take away a few things though.

  8. Commercial illustrators create art that is good enough to be part of the finished product itself, the art of concept artists is just good enough as concepts for a finished product. Therefore, there are just a few good illustrators and legions of concept artists. And those are the reasons for the difference in payment…

  9. 8:30 : picture of a half naked attractive woman
    Trent: They probably like the – the rendering on it or the um the cool lighting or the uhhhhh your masterful drawing

  10. "As a side note it's good that I didn't go there because I got to work on League of Legends and redesigning summoners rift."
    Both were equally poor choices to work for.
    Kojima has his head too far up his ass and League's characters are basically cheap eye candy used to milk the masses of normies from their money.
    The only reason to work at either of those companies would be to learn how to become a better artist and then transfer to a game that has actual impact, like Cyberpunk 2077.

  11. This video is 100% true. There's a "rendering skill hurdle" now that applies to almost all production work, which is ironic bc (1) many designs are better captured in sketch format and (2) when you get to the studio you'll be mainly photo bashing anyway. Like trent, I have gotten disillusioned with all the photo realistic rendering. When you're really skilled at it's it becomes even MORE boring and you feel more like a machine than a designer. Now I've been taking more work for simpler game art bc I simply like doing it more and with a small studio you get to work on many different areas, e.g., both environment & character

  12. What I'm hearing, it's a pain to make something a client likes and you are taking a guess on what they might like when you apply fir a job.

  13. Nice work. I've never been into games or that type of illustration or concept art. But I do appreciate preaching that artists who want to do this type of thing need to understand the process and pipeline. Know thyne customer! Your (would be) employer IS your customer.

  14. Nailed it.
    I die a little inside everytime someone look at a piece of awesomely rendered/lighted/colored character and goes oh dude, your design is freakin' awesome, especially on portraits.
    It always make me second guessing myself, "maybe I should just do some cool looking art work that doesn't require much design, instead of sitting here pulling my hair out trying to nail down character personality, mixing ingredients to sneak into the theme, or creative way to integrate story into the character costume and the way they dress it"
    Your words reassures the effort I put into designing a character is never a waste. There are people out there appreciates and notices the hard work put into it.

    Thank you.

  15. most concept artists get away with a lot tbh. i see lots of game characters with ridiculously bulky armour/outfits that look good, but would not be appropriate for battle, lol

  16. So what’s the value of an illustrator to these companies? You seem to explain concept art pretty well but why do these companies want illustrators that take 3 weeks for a photorealistic render

  17. Hi, Trent! Thanx 4 your work. Can you say how much time u put in this type of environment concept from 1:16 at this video?

  18. Street fighter 5 have the worst art in their game. It looks so cheap, lazy and unfinished. It really disappointed me because i was always fascinated with a lot of their drawings, especially from their older days of gaming. It looks like they weren't even trying when i saw the drawings in story mode.

  19. This is probably the most helpful of all the incredibly helpful videos I've seen on this channel so far! Thank you for being that window into concept art that I've struggled so long to find!

  20. Your perspective is very helpful. In the middle of a career shift right now, and you are helping demystify a lot of pitfalls I'm facing.

  21. As you mentioned near the end of the video, you know the pipeline in and out, could you possibly do a video on that? Or point us to a good, relevant resource online? Thank you. Subscribed and following.

  22. i learned 2 great things from this video:
    1) the true meaning of concept art and what to expect for character concept art. Not so sure what to expect from environmental concept art, maybe i'll find that in another video.
    2) i should give up now, because i can't render realistically to save my life. I'm a jr in art college and i can still barely get anatomy correct and i struggle so hard with environments, interiors/exteriors of buildings, and items. I'm going to be taking a concept art class at some point in the next few years before i graduate, and with this new knowledge of what companies expect vs what my school has put out in the past few years, im royalty fucked.

  23. Hello mr. Kaniuga. Maybe i misunderstood, but you said that Yoji Shinkawa will not be hired because of his low rendering skills, and right after that, you says that you are not applied to a Kojima Studio because they needed a guy who can render cool photo realistic images. That sounds very contradictory. Why you even tried to apply to them if you are already knew, that 1) You are not Yoji Shinkawa 2) That kind of game projects needs a photo realistic concepts, which you cannot do as well. ?

  24. 😮 finally someone who clarified it. 😀 Thank you so much!!
    What if I am still not shure what do I want to work in? how can I know? Both jobs are amazing. @Trent Kaniuga Could you make a video on the differences to work as an illustrator or a concept artist?

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