Installing Vocaloid 4 Voice Bank

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I’ve seen many people don’t understand how install this Voice Bank (even when the website already explaining it so many times) so I make this tutorial about installing that(in this case Luka English V4X) but don’t worry all Vocaloids will do the same like this, even the original one. I hope now, you understand how to do it and can share this helpful tutorial to everyone in need.

I know there’s some people who uploaded videos likes this. But most of them only using their own languages.

BGM: Tobu & Marcus Mouya – Running Away

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23 thoughts on “Installing Vocaloid 4 Voice Bank

  1. Most websites that give cracked voicebanks have disabled links, so i can't access to download any voicebanks. Are there any links that work and do not contain a virus in 2020? I would appreciate your help.

  2. After installing the voice bank, the vocaloid editor can’t seem to find it. Any solution?
    I’m using vocaloid5 (4 is also installed)

  3. I downloaded Megpoid V3 English, and when it comes to installing her, it just won't install. It'll pop up that Megpoid background, with music playing, and a small tab showing where to browse where you can put the voice bank in (However way you describe it), and I did exactly what you did, and after pressing "Next", it'll behave like it's installing, but shows absolutely no progress, then moments later, the Megpoid background and everything just disappears. I did this like, four times. Same outcome. What is happening? (I'm new to using Vocaloid by the way.)

  4. Okay so, I personally BOUGHT Rin and Lens Voicebanks and already have them downloaded to my computer. I can't redownload it into the Vocaloid4 folder. Because I think you have to delete and I'm too scared to do that. Is there another way I can get their voicebanks into the folder?

  5. I installed an Voice bank, (Hatsune Miku Eng 4) but i still cant launch vocaloid4. The error message still appears, and i have no clue what to do. Please help me 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。

  6. Can you help me plz? I try to install the vocaloid 4 editor but there're some problems that i cant explain
    it says "the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"

  7. little disclaimer thing
    if you download vocaloid4FE or any other pirated software or voicebanks DO NOT use them for commercial use, it is against the law and you can get heavily fined. You're allowed to write and cover songs as long as it isn't for monetary gain (so don't release albums and stuff). If you want to use vocaloid or something like it for monetary gain i'd recommend either buying the real version of vocaloid or UTAU. For anyone that doesn't know UTAU is a free voice synthesizer (sort of like vocaloid but not exactly the same) that let's you use the song you make for monetary gain (as long as the creator of the voice bank says you can). You can even make your own voicebanks which makes the experience a bit more personal and fun. The downside of UTAU is that you cant use vocaloid voice banks or vsqx's, because UTAU voice banks are different and it uses ust's instead of vsqx's. But if you don't mind that I can't recommend UTAU highly enough.

  8. Here is the link to the page: http: //

  9. 😱 Dios Mio !!!! I got 1K views at this video 👍 !!!! Thank you so much, my viewers… 😄

    But Seriously 😢, Please hit that Sub button. If you really want to see other useful yet important tutorial like this. 😉😄👍


    if you download Vocaloid and voicebanks like this, you are not allowed to use them as if you own them. As in, you can't write original songs and catch the attention of people who work at Yamaha. The pirated version of Vocaloid is for entertainment or education purposes.

    Happy editing~

  11. Please help I feel dumb… I want to get Hatsune Miku's English Voicebank but I can't figure it out and I really dont want a virus in my computer or something…
    Well ideally I want to get Gumi English for V4 but I can't find it. Help please..?

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