I’ve made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft – Part 20

Du Lịch✅

We lose many of our boys but amass something greater in todays ep of minecraft
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48 thoughts on “I’ve made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft – Part 20

  1. pewdiepie dont know how is he getting raid and the city do not kill the leader pewdiepie if you kill you will get raid.

  2. R.I.P Joergen, Joergen 2, claws, (he came back) water sheep, water cow, and berney, poor felix can catch a break! well he does still have ikea bird and sven, but still 🙁

  3. I know Pewds is swedish, but

    He got a donkey that he named Burnie.
    Burnie Sanders is part of the Democratic party, which has a donkey as a symbol.

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