The ripple concrete pot

Bringing nature into the living and working space will help your house be filled with fresh colors of nature, more vibrant and impressive. The ripple concrete pot will be a green highlight for your home. In addition to furniture items, the Ripple concrete pot is a beautiful and modern ground concrete bonsai that you should own to bring nature into your living space.

ripple cement pots

The ripple concrete pot from Hieta garden is made of modern glass fiber concrete material, compared to conventional concrete, this new material also has better resistance to cracking before high humidity. That’s why this concrete material is very popular and popularly used in modern interior decoration products. Modern, safe materials, suitable for all types of ornamental plants, Ripple concrete pot is the ideal choice to meet the increasing demands of modern life trends. The Ripple concrete pot brings an elegant beauty in a European style that will be a great interior decoration for you.
The ripple concrete pot possesses a simple circular cylinder design, which is one of the most popular bonsai pots on the market today. With this beautiful potted plant, you can cultivate a variety of fresh plants and decorate the space to make it more lively and green. The sleek and polished basin of the Ripple concrete pot gives the basin a rustic yet sophisticated and luxurious look.
Ripple concrete potted plants with chocolate brown colors are easy to create sympathy for the viewers, along with the designs of individual round cylinder design styles will give you the best choice. Especially the product is very friendly to the environment and easy to coordinate the layout in many different interior space designs. In addition, the Ripple concrete is very diverse in size, depending on the location you need to arrange, it is possible to have a suitable size pot.
Meeting many decorative styles, suitable for all indoor spaces, and what products can be as versatile and variable as the cylinder concrete pot. Beautiful and sophisticated product lines help you have more diverse choices for your home, choose right away to adorn the space!
Information about the Ripple concrete pot:
– Glass fiber concrete – Less than 70% lighter, the surface resembles natural but lighter rock.
– Color: Chocolate brown.
– Modern, sophisticated and luxurious design
– Anti-weather, anti-UV, snow, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– There are many sizes for easy selection: 37x37x51; 25x25x35

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Beautiful small concrete pot

Concrete mini pot the beautiful small concrete pot will be a great decorative item that you can apply to your living and working space. Planting beautiful small trees and decorating the living room, windows, desks, … will be a great idea for the space to be more fresh and lively.

Concrete mini pot is made from fiberglass concrete, a new construction material with many outstanding features in both quality and aesthetic beauty. In addition to outstanding quality and durability, high-end Concrete mini pot is also environmentally friendly in accordance with the requirements of modern life. Stylish aesthetic beauty and natural personality create a strong appeal for this product, making modern young families very fond of Concrete mini design style.
Concrete mini pot plant pots with modern shapes, subtle colors and mid-range prices help you to freely decorate your beloved house more fresh. This is also a model of pots suitable for all spaces, suitable for all kinds of small beautiful cottage plants, often found in modern European-style designs. These pots also possess strong points that are not broken, easy to move anywhere.
Concrete mini pot is compact in size, depending on the type of tree or hobby, you can choose a suitable sized pot. Concrete mini pot with modern design with high durability, thick and light with many different sizes can also help you transform with impressive decoration style suitable for all architectural spaces.
If you love simple beauty, then Concrete mini pot is definitely all you’re looking for. The simple beauty of the Concrete mini pots makes it easy to blend in with all spaces and exaggerate the value of different types of plants and colors like round, egg, square… The unique cubic design makes the Concrete mini basin easily immersed in every corner of your home interior.
Information about Concrete mini pot:
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Colors: Available in gray.
– Modern, sophisticated and luxurious design
– Anti-weather, anti-UV, snow, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 12cm H x 9cm W x 9cm D

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