34 thoughts on “Let's Play Styx: Shards of Darkness – Part 1

  1. This game has a small audience because the majority of people who game now days have a cod or fortnite like attention span.

  2. I love Styx, loved this game too! I'm a girl but he's not too harsh for my sensibilities. He's abrasive and fierce and my fave little, mischievous goblin.

  3. You're totally right that this game references the first game a lot. But there's a newer generation of gamers who won't have met or seen the first game unless they watched let's plays. So, you can sort of see the reasons for the negative reviews. If you played the first game then you know the character, if not you're being introduced to someone who comes off as a real ***hat.

  4. Hi Frozen, just wanted to say thank you for starting the second Styx game. I thoroughly enjoyed your first Styx game playthrough, so I know I will enjoy this one.

  5. Been subbed since 2014 glad to see you growing as a channel you make great content and upload frequently keep up the grind

  6. I loved the first game I hate when people judge a game before they even play the first and learn the story and get to know the character

  7. Interesting. Been a while since I've watched a 'Frozen' series by my favourite YouTube Fox. Time for a good time.

  8. hope is not gone yet. the settlers heritage of kings expansion disc is still there. i found it on amazon. you will have to buy the origional to grt the expansion unfortunately. i also bought it. i really enjoyed the campaign and many of the custom maps are also good. i recommend u buying it, since u mentioned u wantes the expansion. i hope to see you also play it😁

  9. I love watching your channel for stealth games, found you through Thief DS years ago. Can't wait to enjoy another let's play from you 😀

  10. Haha I was looking for this earlier had to remember who played master of Shadows so Now I'll be watching both at the same time again lol

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