44 thoughts on “Lew’s Xfinity Baitcaster review… Walmart combo

  1. After watching your review i went and bought this rod and after I caught 2 fish with it the dials won't turn lower than 7 1/2
    did this happen to you? any advice?

  2. On the side of this baitcaster reel there's a dial reading 1-10 now mind you I'm new to this type of reel and need info for best fishing experience with it I just have no idea what the dial reading 1-to 10 is for could u possibly help me educate myself on that????

  3. As much as some people dislike the orange and bright green color schemes, they stand out great if you're night fishing or early in the morning like said. Agreed about the hook holder placement, that's my biggest complaint. Thanks for the review

  4. I’m gonna be REEL here lolol. Ok sorry I had to. But for real this time. I went to bass bro yesterday and got a Shimano SLX DC 150XG. Later that day I went to Walmart to get a rod for my other reel but I found the Xfinity. I’ve never seen them before in the store but I saw them online awhile back and I thought they quit making them. Well uh. I bought it and I think it casts further than my $200 reel……

  5. Bought this combo recently while visiting Tennessee, caught plenty of fish and loved the combo..
    had to donate the pole to a local kid couldn't take it on the plane. love the reel

  6. Hey thanks AW great vid just bought one at Walmart today can't wait to use it….best 80 bucks I spent on myself in awhile …keeping coming bro u have my sub….

  7. I bought this combo a couple hrs ago at wal mart because its the only bait caster they have. Then found your review. I agree the color isn't the best. But its super comfy feeling in my hand. Also agree on the hook keeper placement. Im excited to try it out in the morning.

  8. Thanks for the review I'm looking at buying one of these rods at Academy and by the way those fish are big compared to the ones I've been catching lately.

  9. I'm surprised how little info their is about these lews combos, maybe they discontinued the model & are just unloading their stock bc these are real low key & hard to search for being sold @ wal mart, good video though.

  10. I just bought this off my nephew it is so close to the original Mach 1 that I had only difference is the Mach 1 had a bright green and a bigger overall reel and bigger spool the rod is close also this one is an Im7 where as the mach1 was Im8 this is so close and this one has more bells on it like the oversized handles they both have 8 bearings rod is same length this Xfinity cast a country mile with no backlash problems as long as it's set right

  11. This caught my eye at wal mart today and you’re the only one with a review so I applaude you, picking this up tomorrow !!

  12. Thanks for the review and yes It catches my eyes everytime I go to my local Walmart I'm like I want it but I dont know thanks for the review though

  13. I bought that same exact combo a few weeks ago, and love it. Don't like where the hook keeper is located but it's not a deal breaker. Took it inshore fishing last week in Florida. Caught many Trout, Redfish and one big Black Drum that weighed 25 LBS. The reel is loaded with 30 LB Power Pro Braid and had no problem with that big Drum. Overall, very pleased with the combo. Hard to beat Lew's. Thanks for the review man, good one.

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