LG UK6300 Series LED TV – 55UK6300

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In this overview we take a look at the LG 55UK6300 series LED TV. This entry level LED set looks better than it’s price might suggest! For more details or current pricing email us at [email protected] or click the links below:

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34 thoughts on “LG UK6300 Series LED TV – 55UK6300

  1. Its my idea or the image looks some bluish in this model? i mean, the colors doesnt look natural. Even at min 1:40 the image looks something greenish,or I'm wrong?

  2. Does this tv supports subtitles format and in which format? I've searched Google in vain, I'm looking for with .txt or .srt file format

  3. Yeah the legs of the tv is a problem, gosh , do they have to be so wide …. it would be good if it was the other kind of stand , the one that’s starts in the middle . That would be perfect . Why the heck would they have the legs all the way at the ends of the tv… now I have to invest in a new wider tv stand …

  4. Which one would you recommend for ps4 pro 4k gaming and movies , lg uk6360pte or samsung nu 7100? Only for straight view, no wide view required.

  5. I just got this TV for my bedroom for my first 4k tv I have a samsung led 60 in the living room I brought years ago good review

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