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Maldives is known to be one of the most beautiful places on this planet. But it is also known to be very, very expensive! Kamiya Jani, our Chief Travelling Officer at Curly Tales and recently discovered how you can visit this paradise at a fair price.

From flights to local transfers, meals & even accommodation – you can visit the island of blue waters & white sands without burning a hole in your pocket.

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33 thoughts on “Maldives On A BUDGET? Totally POSSIBLE! | Curly Tales

  1. I was looking for just this kind of video. After just watching your video I decided to come this island soon. Thank you so much for making such kind of informative and helpful video

  2. Hi., where do we get best view in scuba diving ?
    anybody do arrange for best scuba diving for beginners or non swimmers in male or maafushi , hulhumalé ?

  3. No point going to Maldives n staying like this.. Maldives is known for its beautiful peaceful isolated islands.. Where you can relax chill n enjoy.. People don't go to Maldives for what you've shown in your video.. Watch my video on my YouTube channel to vacay in Maldives in a better way yet less expensive way.. We stayed in water villas as well as beach villas for a week.. ✌

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