Mammoth Creameries | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Glucose and Ketone Blood Tests

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In this video, I’m testing my blood glucose and my ketones to see how they respond after I eat a serving of Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream from Mammoth Creameries. Oh, and I review the ice cream, too. 😀

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Sunday with Sara week 37, in which Sara chimes in on Mammoth’s Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor:

Mammoth’s Vanilla Bean reviewed:

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42 thoughts on “Mammoth Creameries | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Glucose and Ketone Blood Tests

  1. I purchased the vanilla at Whole Foods here in Dallas. Maybe it melted in shipping and then refroze, then me letting it sit out of the fridge for 10-15mins, caused the consistency to be terrible. It was gritty and lots of crunchy ice crystals, and I had a greasy film on the roof of my mouth. It’s about $2 more per pint than Rebel too. I’ll try the peanut butter chocolate another time, but Rebel is still my clear leader!

  2. Can't believe your son was up that early on a Saturday morning playing video games. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised if I compare it to when I was a kid and would get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. 🙂

  3. FYI – They use this sweetener because unlike erythritol it doesnt make the ice cream rock solid AND makes it more smooth. Careful if you have pets this sweetener is deadly for them.

  4. My wife loves chocolate and peanut butter, and she is doing medical weight loss. Im following her eating without the B12 injections. She is going to love this video.

  5. Enjoyed your video. Impressive blood sugar and ketone readings. Didn't know you could reuse those test strips. How do you do that?

  6. I finally got my Mammoth creameries ice cream, and that chocolate peanut butter is just dangerously delicious! So good. Glad to see the clean ingredients and zero glucometer spikes. This is a keeper for sure!

  7. Thank you for the review ! I’m always afraid to try new keto ice creams because they are so expensive ! Halo top pb cup is my go to right now but you make me want to try more !

  8. Awesome! Request: next time, do similar ice/bc/ketone test, followed by plain coffee then a run THEN bg and ketone test. I wonder if ketones would go down as fasted run may use some of them.

  9. I know a lot of people don't believe that calories count but I do so this is a bit much for me. I would never just eat half a cup. I'm going to try Rebel ice cream as some of theirs are more doable in the calorie department. It's now in some if my local stores.

  10. I hummed the "Rocky" theme for the part of your video with the hood up. I think 6:08am ice cream testing warrants it. Second option was the Darth Vader theme due to morning voice in the early part of the video. I may have chosen… poorly.

  11. Yolks = Custard. I agree with Bones not a fan of Xylitol, but I am sure they used it because it doesn't freeze like a brick. They should have used Alulose.

  12. Why are you wearing a hoodie in the house? Looks like it's coffee flavored. I would have been disappointed, I would have expected a "deeply chocolately flavored ice cream (not dark chocolate, but more chocolate that it looks) with ribbons of peanut butter which is typical of most chocolatepeanut butter ice cream. It's TAN color, not brown! lol Don't think this would float my boat. Thanks for the review though!

  13. I make my own ice cream using Carrie Brown's ice cream recipes and she using xylitol – all of her recipes that I have made stay scoop-able.

  14. Love the @keto-mojo testing additions to the reviews? and congratulations on the #zerowastedstrips ! I also love that the strip bundles are now way cheaper than the past years. It's an extremely helpful tool it's been an amazing addition for us and biohacking food.. w Menu Planning and staying Cancer free… Great Vlog??

  15. It probably won't make much difference, but the timer for checking sugar should start with the first bite not when you finish eating. The pancreas is signaled the moment you take a bite.

  16. It’s cool to have a new keto ice cream in the market. But I’m not buying till the price goes down. I’m buying Rebel for $4.98 a pint at H-E-B. I think Whole Foods has Mammoth for $8.99!

  17. Looks like all of the high fat in this ice cream will keep us rolling in the ketones! YUMMMMMM. ?❤️ Thanks for the middle finger…you’re #1 too, Aaron. ?

  18. I think you mean fasting blood sugar instead of resting blood sugar! It’s resting blood pressure, fasting blood sugar. ??

  19. I ordered the peanut butter chocolate based upon your prior video. The best keto ice cream I have ever tasted.  Texture is just like real ice cream and there is no stevia taste. The big negative is the price, but I was able to get $5 off due to your coupon. The shipping is overnight, which is big plus compared to rebel and killer….BUT the price is crazy and might be a big deterrent to most folks.  I hope they can figure a way to bring it under $10/pint.  Thanks for all the pin pricks. The xylitol was a concern and gives me hope that it won't impact me.  Now the big question, can I go that long without my coffee while I do all those pin pricks.

  20. I'm not sure which look I love the most… Theodore Kaczynski or Steve (Blue's Clues)! Lol…only kidding my friend. Looks as though the ice cream is true to form as far as dietary effects.

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