Mekong Delta – Mekong River Day Tour – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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Mekong Delta – Mekong River Day Tour – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam is where our tour starts. My name is DCBORNROB and our channel is Erasing Borders. Today’s trip was to the Mekong Delta. By way of a couple of stops along the way. But our day started at our Tour Agency of choice which was Le Hoang Daily Tours. Conveniently located right across the street from Ben Than Market. They handled everything from our Mekong Delta tour to flights to and from Hanoi and Danang as well as our trip to Ha Long Bay. Mekong Delta Vietnam is a must do when in Ho Chi Minh City or as some say Saigon Vietnam. Highly recommended. This is our Travel Vlog of our travels in Vietnam. If you’re looking for things to do in Ho Chi Minh, this is a great opportunity. Be advised, it will take most of the day. Get there first and pick your seat. It’s a good little ride.

Ho Chi Mihn City or Saigon Vietnam as some still call it, is our first stop on this dream Vietnam Travel trip. By the way, we also heard some call Saigon Vietnam City. We were going to take Vietnam Airlines but because my girlfriend and I met there, I ended up taking Eva Airlines. Which I highly recommend. Roomy and friendly. Our first stay was in a Vietnam hotel which was actually an AirBnB.

Our first stop when we finally met up was for Vietnamese food, or should I say Vietnamese street food. And then we began to find a tour place to book our Vietnam tour. We wanted to see Halong Bay of course and to take a Halong Bay cruise. And also take a boat ride on the Mekong river. Vietnam tourism is big. I mean really big. Lots of tourist.

Our hotel and 2nd AirBnB was also near Ben Than Market which is where you can get every deal shopping possible. At the end of day 1 you’ll see, we were dropped off at Bui Vien street for one or two last drinks for the night.

We also wanted to make sure we went to Hanoi Vietnam and to visit the Hanoi Hilton which was very intense. I’d definitely make this visit. Oh, one other thing to note; the Vietnam Economy is one which is friendly to the US dollar. Keep that in mind.

As a child I grew up with the Vietnam war up until 1975 when the war ended. I’ve watched all of the Vietnam war movies. Platoon, Full Metal Jacket to name two. Which had special meaning since I’m a former Marine. All of the Vietnam war songs still stay in my head.

After Hanoi and Halong Bay was Da Nang Vietnam and of course Da Nang Beach. Our hotel was right across the street from the beach. While in Da Nang, we took a Grab to Hoi An Vietnam which was about a 30 minute drive. And I think this was my 5th Vietnamese massage. But after this we ended up back in Saigon.

I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to go to Asia. Please comment on what you think of our adventure.

Moving from Washington D.C. & Houston, TX. to Medellin, Colombia. With the goal of traveling the entire globe. My passport is my favorite book.

The world is like a book and those that don’t travel read only a page.


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  1. You did a really good job on this video. Great experience for us! I loved Vietnam as far as travel experience. I highly recommend to all.

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