MOM HID MY VIDEO GAMES – Hidden My Game By Mom

Giải Trí✅

Japanese games will never stop making me laugh. This is a true masterpiece.

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


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34 thoughts on “MOM HID MY VIDEO GAMES – Hidden My Game By Mom

  1. "i can take down the poster and i can get myself a pin and you guys can all suck it and get out of my house" that would be a good song

  2. Stage 5 is related to a tall tale believed by Korea with a man dropping his ax in a river and a man comes out and asks for honesty😊

  3. 13:00 LMAO, he was like “horseshit” after realizing it was his mother and not father. That fucking killed me.

  4. Oh no mom hide the game and mom get a game I'm sure you will find the game and don't get by mom and don't click mom

  5. Here’s the explanation for 4:57, and since I’m a creepypasta fan, I’m just going to change the characters. Ticci Toby was walking around the forest with his hatchet in his hand, he accidentally dropped it in the lake nearby. A lady then rose from the water holding a golden hatchet and his regular hatchet. The lady asked Toby which one was his, Toby is a honest lil’ boi and told her that the regular hatchet was his. The lady then smiled at him and told him that since he was honest, he could have both hatchets. A man close by saw this and purposely dropped his hatchet the next day, the lady rose out of the water again and asked the man which one was his. The man was so eager to get the golden hatchet that he lied. The lady ended up talking his hatchet as punishment for lying. That’s it…..You can also listen to the story in the Pokémon series. I think the name included “Sudowudo”. It was about a sudowodo who was experienced on. I watched it like 3 years ago

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