PACIFIC WINGS REVIEW – Bullet Heaven #246

Du Lịch✅

“Shmuvelware; n. Shoot-em-up Shovelware.”

You’ve seen it all up in your mobile phone marketplaces and now it’s available on your Switch. This time for money! So how does Pacific Wings hold up? Is it worth $5 when it’s still free on Mobile? And just how *does* it stack up?

In The Credits:
Game Tengoku CMS Tatsujin DLC:
Psyvariar Delta:
Vasara Collection:

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This episode of Bullet Heaven was made with a copy of the game purchased for review. The opinions expressed are our own and are not paid for by developers, publishers or any retailers or resellers in any way.


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20 thoughts on “PACIFIC WINGS REVIEW – Bullet Heaven #246

  1. Great review! Sorry if this has been asked too much, but any plans on more touhou videos? Especially with the newly released touhou 17.

  2. Not even half a minute in and I can already tell that this game sucks. So instead, I wanna ask something…is Raiden V any good?

  3. At least it's a game that can be one and done, but its surprising that for a game so cheaply made they actually got the control pretty spot on.

  4. Great review as always! I do like the borders and the enemy explosions. This reminds me of a shmup caled Robobombo. It was a Java-based game that used to have it's own website-I remember playing it in 2001 in a college computer lab while taking a break from writing a paper. I loved it! From what I can gather, it later made it's way onto cell phones, and is now abandonware.

  5. Something to wash your senses off, an actually good games: *This one was apparently also made as a Dreamcast Homebrew.

  6. At first glance I thought this game might be a hidden gem but as soon as I saw those shit defeat animations with the scaling out I knew it was gonna be a bad time. Great review that helped me dodge a bullet at least

  7. A shmup seems like an odd choice for cheap shovelware.
    Idk why, but there's something hilarious about the final score having a perfect 5.0 in controls and being abysmal everywhere else xD

  8. Welp , such is the daze of a shmup reviewer , here in 2019 I recon ? On day you feel great , cause the game you reviewing , goads you to get a killer buzz-on , the nxt day , not so much , cause what you did just then , should've stayed on a GD flip-phone ! smdh What are you gonna do ? . . . What CAN you do ?

  9. Somehow, that seems to look like one of those games that relies on stock art. I remember doing a game maker tutorial that has planes that look like the game has used. I have to say congrats for the very little one to publishing the game to learn its mistakes.

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