Pen Tool Explained! | Photoshop tutorial

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In this fun tutorial I will explain how to use a pen tool in Photoshop.
You can do a lot of creative things with a Pen Tool.

I will show you how to:

Create opened or closed path
Straight and curved lines
Brush strokes along the path
Pattern along the path
How to extract an object using path tool to create a selection.

Have fun!

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29 thoughts on “Pen Tool Explained! | Photoshop tutorial

  1. I tried to draw using the pen tool but i messed up so i press the back space to undo that line but then it erase all my drawing how can i undo say two mess up line and then resume.

  2. i think this vedio is great in youtube channle ever i seen…i also wanted to see photoshop work at primary level….thnq…Sir

  3. Love the tutorial! Extremely helpful and you made me understand the pen tool that well. You've earned a subscriber. Kudos!

  4. Namanja, first of all, thank you for this video. Secondly, I cannot see the box shown in your video called "SELECT PATH", is there a trick to getting that to pop up in CS6?

  5. I´ve been avoiding the pen tool so far, it's a nightmare for me 🙂 but after watching your great video i have no more excuses! It's time to face the "monster"!!!! You explain everything so well that if i don't learn from you, i won't learn from anyone else!!! Here i go!! Wish me luck!!!! 🙂

  6. Hi. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I have always shied away from the pen tool but now I am going to try it. Take care GarryUK

  7. I think it doesn't work because you because u choose fill and fill means to fill the entire space so it takes a straight line from the first and last point

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