1. I'm stuck on Spider 14 and I can auto 20 on everything else. I've been playing 4 months. I'm level 60 and I'm not F2P. My suggestion is to make the boss spawn 10 spiderlings on its odd numbered turns. You then have until its next turn to kill them. If all spiders are dead the boss throws out an AOE poison. If any spiderlings are alive the boss heals and buffs accordingly. We also REALLY need daily login rewards past the 90 days. Comparable to the final month of the 90 scheme would be acceptable with either a big pile of gems or a sacred shard on the final day.

  2. I stopped playing since 3 weeks now and my account is really good with 12 legendary, the reason why I stopped because the game is not worth the time you put in , it’s crazy time you need to be able to compete or even have good teams or do high dungeons

  3. I pulled dark Athel day 40 in. I don't even use her, not good enough to halt my progression on other champions, and this is a problem from someone still in the early stages of the game. Can't imagine someone 90 days in, at the end game.

  4. I agree I'm lvl 60 9 legends I spend about $200 every 2 weeks. I have first 5 fully mastered and can run anyone. I'm at Dragon and ice 18 fk 17 but can't even get past spider 13. I did just get bad el and my 2nd coldheart and I fused rhazin and I have 2 bellowers. They need gear and master but My point is at my level with the champs I do have I should at least be able to get to 15 or 16 with no masterys. I think once you get to 15 plus then champs with masteries should be able to take u to 20 If I was free 2 play or only spending $50 a month or less It would take 6 to 8 months to at least be able to get to 13. On top of that the amount of silver needed to gear and upgrade and swap gear and then to try to get skill books for everyone its impossible even for some lvl 60 players. It definitely needs returned maybe allow heal reduction or reduce the amount of spiderlings that spawn. Maybe just spawn 8 spiders per rd like with fire knight as you go up the shield increases by 5 for spider maybe just do the same with spiderlings start with 4 or 6 then increase by 2 every 5 rounds. Give people a chance

  5. I managed to start the game just before they upgraded to the 90-day event, and I'm at lvl 55 now. I still struggle with Spiders stage 10+, so I guess she can help me out, but I feel like blowing 3+ straight months into playing the game hasn't gotten me too much progress, especially if it's only worth this character?

    I've felt the same about the progress rewards as well: only 1 epic book for reaching lvl 55…? And only 1 sacred shard for lvl 60?? All that effort is only worth that much, even though you get a sacred shard each month (if you're actually capable enough of getting the daily shit done every single day before 8pm)?? sigh I can't even answer why the game still has my attention so much, lol.

  6. To an extent I'm going to have to agree with you. For a 90 day log in, each of the champs given do not feel like strong epics at all. To me, this was Plarium's attempt at helping f2p players or people with little luck in summoning at early to mid stages of the game. For example, High Katun is essentially the free version of Apothecary. Yaga does similar damage to Kael on clan boss from what I've heard. Here is Dark Athel with a massive AoE targeted for taking on Spider, but what you have to realize is that Dark Athel wasn't built for Spider 20. Few champions are as it's an insanely hard boss. Dark Athel was designed to help newer players get through lower stages of Spider just like Yaga was designed to help players get started in Clan Boss. Do I agree that she is underpowered and underwhelming for a 3 month log in reward? Yes. Will Plarium buff her enough to take on Spider 20? Probably not because I really don't think that was their intention with her going into releasing her.

  7. What happens if I completed the original 30 day login where you get a sacred shard? Does it reset and give me the 90 day login stuff or does nothing happen?

  8. Since the big meme attack is on her A3 she always uses that first which basically guarantees she isn't going to get any kills with it in these high stages. If it were on her A2, or if she just didn't use it first, she would have gotten some spiderling kills.

  9. I was hoping her kit was an indication of how faction wars might work, but that was clearly wrong.

    I really don't understand their thinking at all here. Making a champion specifically for one and only one dungeon seems like a waste of a champion.

  10. I've been free to play for 6+ months now, I can't auto spider 14, I just simply didn't get the heroes dropping for spider dungeon as a F2P player.
    To go one step further, I also don't have rhazin, by checking my index i noticed that even if i held every hero i've unpacked i still would not have been able to fuse rhazin as F2P, currently struggling to beat spider 14 for the past 2+ months. Honestly it needs a heavy retune.

  11. Free to play me too hard i can spend money so i cant do anything. Make it easier for free to play players like me. Not fair to us!!!

  12. I took a break from playing until red and green scrolls are easier to get … To hard… Need to make it easier or many people will quit playing it takes way too long .

  13. Can't help but feel they missed the mark here, 2 aoes, def down, speed down, affinity advantage against spiders 20 everything about this said made for spiders den and now i see she may not perform much better than the standard athel because she cannot do the damage required to trigger her big move.

    So clearly seems like she needs an offensive boost

  14. I had really hard on spider 17lvl mission! Today i finally did it, i use coldheart, bellower, psylar, apoth and skullcrown. Only who isnt max skills is psylar. I really wait in terror when i have to do spider 20lvl.
    So close to get Arbiter that i can allmost smell her…
    Can u give me tips for spider and golem 20lvl?

  15. Consider her for Spider 10-ish… that could make sense for new players. But since she's the 90 day reward it makes no sense… you get her too late for where she can work lvl wise.

  16. i have her for a more than a month(droped for me from sahrds).. i like her mechanics and how she looks, i use her as campagin farmer.. tested her in CB(t6) .. she's okihs but if i compare her with my elhain i`l say overall maybe she`s like 10% better or even less.. high end players that do 20 lvl stuff wil have no use for her..

    I think she was designed for f2p players to get an decent epic with 2 aoes , but she requires to many skill books for this case.. Most ppl wil gladly take her and use for faction wars.

    So plarium should either make her require less books or buff her

  17. Picked up Psylar, Royal Gaurd, and Lightsworn over the weekend! I have Big Un and Ignatius and Im still stuck on spider 16 or 17, which ever is magic. Coming up with the leg books is a MAJOR PROBLEM! Even with Legendary champions some aren't as good as epics because you cant skill the Legs up like you can other tiered champions unless you wanna spend 99bucks a day for 7 stupid books, when it takes no less then 12 to fully max a Legendary…

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