Reset Windows 8 , 8.1 Password – How to Reset /Recover Forgotten Windows Password

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Reset Windows 8, 8.1 Password- How to reset Windows 8, 8.1 Forgotten Password using cmd. This fix also applies to Windows 7.
This is the easy and quick method to reset windows password.

You will need windows DVD or bootable flash drive having windows 8, 8.1.
If you don’t have windows DVD then download windows 8 trial version from Microsoft website, and create a bootable flash drive.

To reset windows 8 password without disk and other options Read here in details –

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Watch this video to create bootable Flash Drive

OR Read it Here –


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29 thoughts on “Reset Windows 8 , 8.1 Password – How to Reset /Recover Forgotten Windows Password

  1. Really appreciate you. Was pulling my hair out for two hours and then found this. Takes a little trying and some time to download windows to a usb, but it worked like a charm.

  2. For anyone who restarts and the “Ease of Access” button doesn’t do anything, make sure to keep the bootable cd or usb connected to your pc. That worked for me

  3. will this going to delete all the data in the laptop? I need to know before I do this because all of my files are in my laptop 🙁

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