Reviewing the Makala Dolphin soprano ukulele

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EDIT: The back and sides of this ukulele are actually composite PLASTIC. Only the top is a wood laminate.

I had fun reviewing this Makala Dolphin pink soprano ukulele. I had heard that these little ukuleles are a great value for the money and make great starter ukuleles. I must say, it did not disappoint.

The ukulele:

The concert size version of this ukulele:


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28 thoughts on “Reviewing the Makala Dolphin soprano ukulele

  1. I have the koala version (and shimmery red paint) which I think may be less common, maybe only available in Australia, haven't found much info. I paid less than 40aud (not new). I like it, better than I expected though my experience is limited.

  2. It's good that there is a decent playing, affordable uke out there for anyone who wants to play, but can't afford to spend much 🙂 They seem smaller than the average soprano to me though, so keep that in mind if you're a bigger person or have big hands.

  3. Have you looked at a UkeLeash. They hold the fretting end up really well and no need for buttons. I have had one for a few years and no problems. If you have trouble with the body slipping on your clothes a bit of non slip mat does the trick.

  4. The body of the Dolphin and Shark models is composite plastic, most likely ABS. The Dolphin is more like a Flight Travel Ukulele then a Waterman. The Dolphin and Shark necks are Mahogany. For travel or use in real humid environments the ABS neck of the Flight will be more stable. I tried a Dolphin last year and liked the sound, but was concerned about the wood sound board and neck since I was looking for a leave in the car ukulele at the time.
    I just got a red Flight Travel Ukulele for my two year old Granddaughter. I felt the non painted ABS body and neck would look better and take more abuse over time. It is also a little Tank of an Ukulele.
    Do you still have yours?
    That would be a neat comparison video.
    As always, keep up the great work ?

  5. My 9 year old son has the shark version. Can't tell you how many time I have grabbed it heading out the door just to have a uku with me to play. I put Aquila Red strings on it. Sounds nice and loud. Plays well with the reds.

  6. I tried one at a music store and I really want one, too! I was so surprised at how loud it was, and how good it sounded for the type of instrument it is. Thanks for giving us your take on it!

  7. I really love that soprano sound. I bought a really nice cordoba when I was starting out but when I got to stuff with more than just three chords the limitations became immediately apparent. Obviously my limitations and not the instrument. I have retained a couple of concert scale Ukes and I get one out from time to time and check if I'm anymore adept at squeezing these ole bear paws into a shorter scale and can just about manage with alternative placings but it slows you ( me ) down . So I'm a might jealous of folk with slim fingers ?. Seriously though for a cheapy it sounds really good.

  8. There are already videos on Youtube regarding installation of the strap buttons. It is easy. Hardest part is locating the best spot on the neck. Hold the strap against the neck where you want to mount it and mark the middle of the strap hole. Obviously, tape the tail and the neck where you intend to install the strap buttons.

  9. My first uke was a Makala concert. Very similar price point to the dolphin and I would review it similar to your dolphin. My biggest gripe was those plastic ferrules under the tuning pegs. They constantly rattled and buzzed. I ended up cutting small pieces of felt to put under them. All in all, a good starter instrument.

  10. My first question about this Uke was the action because I also have a Waterman and really don’t love the ultra high action. I’m glad to hear that this one does not have that problem.

  11. Hello Jodie, had to comment again. Love this short review of this Makala Dolphin UKE ? This pink one looks sweet! I am not a child anymore – and it could be a little crazy – but I have three of these Ukes. A redburst, a greenburst (which was the first one I I bought from these Dolphins) and a yellowburst. And what should I say – I love them all. I like the sound, the look and the fact that they are great for travel or as an outdoor UKE. I put Martin 600 strings on all of them. And the yellow one is my UKE which got a place at my Work. Sometimes when I am stressed from the Work I make a pause and play on it. Its a lot of fun – and I agree with you that it is a great choice for kids or perhaps adults as an beginner UKE! … or for travelling! Mahalo Nui and be blessed from Germany Bettina

  12. I bought a Waterman (despite the high action!) for my daughter to tinker with as she recovers from a broken arm. I had written off these Makalas as disposable toys without ever having handled one. Arched back? Maybe I'll look into these after all?

  13. It seems like it's a good uku for the price and it has a fun look. I'd use it as an outdoor uku since I don't like the plastic ones or for my 2yo daughter.
    Thank you for the review

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