ROMANTIC THAILAND ❤ Couples Vacation in Phuket + Pha Nga Bay (James Bond Island)

Du Lịch✅

Come relax on the beaches of Bangtao in Phuket, Thailand. Then jump on a boat to explore Pha Nga Bay and James Bond Island!
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43 thoughts on “ROMANTIC THAILAND ❤ Couples Vacation in Phuket + Pha Nga Bay (James Bond Island)

  1. I dont do Hotels anymore because I live in a Place that is like one – so i dont need them anymore now I just travel to locations and see places but like vacations to just go to a hotel, not

  2. Haha, when I was in Thailand last year I had the same kayaking experience. ?
    Thought we'd be doing the paddling. Glad we're not the only ones who didn't think they had hired a personal chauffeur.??

  3. Love love love it! So excited that you had done a couples video!! Awesome location. How long was your trip?
    I enjoy seeing the different food selections you 2 choose in all the videos.

  4. I think that on Phuket you must to do 2 things: to rent a bike (to travel all beaches, because they are different) and take an excursion to Similan's Island (there water is incredible!)

  5. It sure looks like a beautiful place, I liked the cats as I have four of my own (sometimes five when a stray pops in for some b&b)

  6. I love seeing you and Matt onscreen together. You guys are very cute. I also really appreciate that you guys give us so many interesting details about everywhere you go. Thanks so much! Also Nadine you are adorable, funny, and smart. Your traveling life is like an ideal life for me. I think I’ll just have to be content with all your lovely videos. Thanks again!

  7. Great spot Nadine ? A couple of years ago we stayed at Surin Beach which is just over the hill from Bangtao Beach. We went to Bangtao for a day and loved it! I think we actually hung out right in front of the resort you stayed at.

  8. Hey Nadine, I know Thailand is super cheap & would love to visit for the first time. Do you have a video on Thailand budget travel going over how much you will need for 1-2 weeks? I know it depends on the activities but just what to expect money wise.

  9. Lol i love you guys. So cute together. Bangtao beach definitely over patong beach ?
    I like to do island hopping too!
    Great video once again

  10. So glad you and Matt had some time to relax together. Glad you're taking time on each other and not just work. Really enjoying seeing more of Matt in your videos. Thank you for taking us along!

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