Samsung Galaxy A20 Full review!

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Find about the Samsung Galaxy A20 camera, display, fingerprint, battery life, gaming, price, and more of its features & specs in this Samsung Galaxy A20 review.

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Before I head straight into my impressions after performing the Samsung Galaxy A20 review, here’s the list of price of the device in various countries.
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price: $217
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price in Russia: 13,990 Rubles
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price in Nepal: Rs. 20,500
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price in India: INR 12,490
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price in Pakistan: PKR 29,999
Samsung Galaxy A20 Price in Bangladesh: TK 15,990

Now since you’ve known the price of the phone in various countries, let’s discuss the Samsung Galaxy A20 specs. The phone comes with a 6.4-inch display, tad bit taller than the Galaxy M20. But unlike the Galaxy M20, it comes with merely HD+ display. However, the A20 comes with Super AMOLED display. So the colors look better on the Samsung Galaxy A20 display. Also, the screen portrays contents with amazing contrast ratio. While performing Samsung Galaxy A20 vs M20, the display looks better on the A20 in terms of colors. But in terms of sharpness, the Galaxy M20 is much better.

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy A20 camera, the phone enjoys a dual camera setup at its back. The Samsung Galaxy A20 features a 13MP primary shooter backed by a 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens. With two cameras in action, the device can capture portrait images as well. Apart from that, the ultra-wide-angle lens also helps the users to capture images with an increased field of view.

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy A20 front camera, there is an 8MP selfie snapper, which does quite a good job. Apart from taking selfies, the device also comes to action while unlocking the device via Face Unlock feature. The Samsung Galaxy A20 Face Unlock feature is fast but is not quite accurate, So I find myself using the fingerprint scanner more often.
On to the performance side, the phone has got the Exynos 7884 chipset backed by 3GB of RAM. Talking about the storage, there is a 32GB of onboard memory to store all of your files and photos. There is also a dedicated SD card slot so you won’t have to take the second SIM out to expand the memory. With this hardware setup, the A20 cannot beat the Note 7 if we perform Samsung Galaxy A20 vs Redmi Note 7 comparison. But the processor is capable enough to handle day to day tasks.

App opening is fast, multitasking and switching between is snappy. So the device is not actually clumsy. Even while playing high-end games, the device does not lag or stutter. My Samsung Galaxy A20 Asphalt 9 was experience was absolutely delightful since the device did not lag while playing the game. Similarly, on Samsung Galaxy A20 PUBG is playable at medium settings and there were no any sorts of stutters or drop in frame rates. So I have nothing to complain. So the Galaxy A20 is a good device but there are better phones available at a similar price. Even on Samsung’s lineup, the Galaxy M20 is better than the A20. So the A20 did not look quite appealing to me.


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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A20 Full review!

  1. I am interested in a20 but I don't know that is the difference between a a30's display and a20's display is enough visible as a20 has 720p and a30 has 1080p.Please anyone tell which to buy.

  2. I think that the galaxy A20 is awesome and works wonders the phone charges really fast the sound speakers system sounds really great when U make calls

  3. Actually very good review.
    I have a question. My A20 does not turns off the screen when in a call. so accidentally touches buttons when in a call. How to correct it please ?

  4. I just switched from sprint with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Verizon with the Samsung Galaxy a20 because I paid outright for it and the note was 1000 leased and I can say they are not very different maybe a little slower and there is a difference in screen definition but for the price I love it.

  5. Excellent review. But if you doing a review on A20. Why talk about Redmi note 7.
    Stick to A20 only. It's not a comparison video.
    Just my opinion.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. You're so good at making reviews!
    I can understand your pronunciation
    And you give so much information
    This is my dream phone

  7. This is the only lady on youtube who does product reviews that aren't insufferable. Her reviews are well thought out and on point.

  8. This is a great review. Especially for someone like me that is considering trying the Samsung galaxy a20 once my iPhone 6s Plus no longer gets updates.

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