Saudi Arabia vs Thailand 1-0 | All Goals & Full Highlights | QF AFC U23 Championship 2020

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Saudi Arabia vs Thailand 1-0 | All Goals & Full Highlights | QF AFC U23 Championship 2020
Congratulations Saudi Arabia U23
Welcome to Semifinal AFC U23 Championship 2020

Saudi Arabia vs Thailand 1-0 Highlights
Arab Saudi vs Thailand 1-0 Higlights
Thailand vs Saudi Arabia 0-1 Highlights
Thailand vs Arab Saudi 0-1 Highlights
Saudi Arabia U23 vs Thailand U23 1-0 Highlights
Quarter Final AFC U23 Championship 2020


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41 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia vs Thailand 1-0 | All Goals & Full Highlights | QF AFC U23 Championship 2020

  1. Really bad video editing. 4:36 Before this moment, Thailand#16's left hand was grabbing uniform. that was continuing into the penalty area. The advice of VAR was not about the tackle but the place of foul (holding), so that referee properly didn't make OnFieldReview.

  2. Why didn't you put the penalty completely when the Thai player was pulling the Saudi player's shirt are you afraid of the truth?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Yeah I admit the pen call was kind of dumb,but Thailand didn't show shit this game and Saudi dominated the whole game with ease and should have scored at least another 2 goals and also the ref didn't call a penalty in saudis favor,but doesn't matter,

  4. Many people were disappointed that the referee's decision is ambiguous. But, this is actually fairly objective outcome of the game. Because overall, Saudi Arabia is indeed better in terms of technical capacity collectivity teams and all other aspects. Thailand is good too, but it needs more than that to compete in the AFC level. Especially in the pre-senior levels of this kind. However, Thailand still a dynamic team. Capability of young players as Suphanat also well classified. Typical quality team. The significant point is, the progression of the physical standard of quality teams from Southeast Asia such as Thailand or Vietnam as well, so a significant increase. Perhaps their most well so far. That is, the power durability of their physical perform is well. Although still not enough to compete with the elite teams of Asia. This part of the problematics plural Southeast Asian football.

  5. ซาอุดิอาราเบียทีมสกปรก น่าขยะเเขยง

  6. Really confidence thailand can beat saudi 2 0 because malaysia already beat saudi last time..but its ok asean football will arise soon..congrats from malaysia..

  7. Yes, the referee didnt do his job professionally in giving the penalty. We also got many unfair decisions from the referee in some tournaments. Greet from Indonesia!!!

  8. Go saudi go 😴🇸🇦💚 we know who steal the blue Diamond 💎
    When Thailand knows how to play football?
    Remember that Saudi Arabia champions 3 times for AFC and qualify 5 times in the world cup 🙂
    And clups in saudi arabia always champions in Asia ( Hilal won again Urawa just two months ago) Alnassr clup -Ittihad Clup 😂☺️
    So shut the fuck up ,Saudi Arabia is the best in Asia 😴🇸🇦🤣

  9. Thái Lan dưới thời ông Nishino không bao giờ có danh hiệu. Ở giải nào rồi cũng bị loại thôi.

  10. If Saudi Arabia loses, they say, losers, and if Saudi Arabia wins, they say the oil money: Accept the loss and leave empty words

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