Should You Create Packages for Your Marketing Agency?!

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It’s important to know how to package your marketing services if you want to close clients. All that’s required is some basic math and an understanding of how much work is required to get the job done. However, there are pros and cons. In this video, I’ll talk about how to package your marketing services and why I don’t think you should.

The basics are this: the price of the job on your side plus the profit you want to make equals the cost for the client. If you know that your web developer costs $18 an hour and you want to charge $50 an hour, you know that a 60 hour job will cost $3,000. If that’s the standard for your business, that’s a package.

However, nothing is ever the true average. I don’t think you should worry about packaging your services as much as you should know how to quote a client a workable price. Work with your client to understand them, their needs and budget, and tailor your work to that.

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18 thoughts on “Should You Create Packages for Your Marketing Agency?!

  1. Hey Jordan, such a valuable video I just launched my own digital marketing agency and I have been studying your videos for months now. The biggest take away from this video was the structured process of how you broke down each section. It really shows you from start to finish how to approach your campaigns especially for those who spend months trying to land a client and when they finally do they are lost in confusion on what comes next. Starting up I have a team of 4 (including myself) so I can vouch on the importance of hiring quality freelancers and establishing the right pricing strategy to pay for all your expenses as I learned that the hard way starting up.From watching your videos I've made massive improvements and I approach my clients with the focus on their goals and expectations, from there we talk strategy and establish a road map. I learned from your videos not to go in the first meeting with a price tag because you never know what the client needs and how much everything costs. Instead I approach them with value and set up a follow up meeting and prepare my expenses prior to that meeting. I really hope I win this mentorship Jordan it would provide me with great value and insight and I could use that to learn and improve my business going forward. Thank you for the time you spend making these videos, you really pushed me from planning to launching my agency.

  2. Hi Jordan! I learned that I need to value more the services I offer. Seeing how you divided every job and its corresponding price made me realize that in order to me to start earning more I need to charge in this manner and educate my clients on what it is that they want and what that service entails so they understand the pricing of those services.

  3. But for influencer marketing, always ensure your influencers are legitimate. If they are questionable, just audit them via influencer auditor

  4. Best single question I have for getting information from people would be: What’s your vision for the future of your business if everything does great

  5. wow I've watched the entire video! you are amazing! what i learn its that you have the control of the desitions of the client if you know how to create the perfect Plan based on their needs! and also giving them real and clear results!

  6. I've learnt that if you don't break it all down to the task and what skills force/ resources you'll need to get the job done, you might just end up doing a ton of work and not getting paid enough. I've also learnt that Digital Marketers in the USA are valued waaay more than in some other regions because sometimes explaining to a business owner why they should pay half as much as the prices quoted in this video really doesn't make sense to them because they ultimately think it's just posting things on social media.

  7. Thanks bro now i feel more confident on what i need to do and how to do it. Because i supposed to be a manager/agent. I was thinking of using a clock machine or timer when working.

  8. Not all things will work or are necessary for All clients, Listen to the client's goals and roles, then Design a practical solution that is goals oriented! Because it's all about getting referrals after that! 🙂

  9. This is exactly what I needed to see. Thank you for explaining the price points in relation to quality of work. I am transforming my thinking from contractor to CEO.

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