18 thoughts on “TCL 5 Series One Year Later ?

  1. This is a great video, thanks for the in depth info. Can you speak on or preferably do a video about the Roku wireless speakers and new subwoofer paired with it?

  2. Got a question, should I really pay the extra 200 for the 6 series. Don't want to break the bank but still want to set foot on the 4k and her water

  3. Hello, recently I've been thinking about getting a 4k tv to replace my current tv (a 1080p Emerson with burn in issues on the screen), I've been looking at the TCL s517 43 inch as well as the Vizio v series 43 inch TV's and I've been kinda stuck …

    I heard the TCL has better hdr colors than the Vizio and less input lag too, but I also heard of people having issues with the TCL being too bright along the edges of the screen or having some kind of darkening issues.

    I'm just curious to hear if you have ever used or heard anything about Vizio v series yourself to compare to this TCL here

  4. I just bought 55" of this 5 series for $350 for my kitchen ..U cant fuckin beat that & i am ROKU lover save me some money to buying ROKU box …6 series is fuckin $500 for 55 inch, thats alot different in money ..nahhh this is good kitchen TV & is bright enough!

  5. The gatekeepers of this community got me down, thinking nothing budget was gonna be worth it, I decided to give this set a try though and I'm pleasantly surprised at how good it is for the price.

    I've run it through the gamut of dolby vision on netflix and hdr gaming with my x, anyone who tells you there is no noticable difference from a 1080p set to this is probably just a snob, ignore them.

  6. I just picked up this TV, TCL 49" S517, for a whopping $249! But I 100% agree with you that the 6 Series is a better TV, but for $249 this was a STEAL!

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